Momma gets a dress too.

Finding a dress for my mom was a pretty complicated task. She hates the look of your typical mother of the bride dress yet we still wanted to find something within a pretty strict group of colors (I wanted the moms to show off our slate blue and sage green accents or wear our light gold/champagne if necessary.) We searched many stores' websites and there didn't seem to be a single dress in a style my mom liked in the colors we both wanted. Boo!

We turned to J.Crew since they provide many color options for each of their dresses.

source for both.

We decided we liked these two dresses, and the color looked like it just might be perfect. Unfortunately, our local J.Crew hardly carries anything available online, so we would have to order them. We put the Sophia dress (top) in our online shopping cart, but my mom was worried that she wouldn't like the lack of sleeves and asked me to hold off on ordering it.

Then, in a moment of panic and doubt we'd ever find a suitable dress, my mom checked the mother of the bride section in a few bridal stores. I was worried it would be too late to order a MOB dress, but many stores sell their Mother dresses right off the rack. Her journey reaffirmed her dislike for these dresses, and her desire to find a shorter, more stylish dress, though, so the hunt continued.

source for both.

She then found these dresses by Kay Unger at Nordstrom. The strechy satin fabric was so elegant and comfortable, and both dresses were super flattering on my hot mama. She tried the top dress on in a nice champagne color and the bottom was available in eggplant in the store. The champagne was lovely, but we worried it would wash my mom out in pictures, and she was a little wary of the low neckline. The eggplant dress was her favorite in cut and color, but it just wasn't a color that would work with our burgundy bridesmaid dresses. As soon as we learned that it came in cornflower blue online, we were sold!

It turns out we had actually seen this dress online in our previous searches and ruled it out because the blue looked too aqua or greenish online, but we saw another Kay Unger dress in Cornflower in the store, and it was perfect! My momma has a dress! She's starting to doubt that her shoes will work too well with this dress, though, so we might be back at square one for her shoes.

What do you think? My momma did well, right? Should she look into new shoes for her dress?


  1. I love it! I can't wait to go shopping with my mom, but I feel like she isn't going to find anything she likes (she's really picky). I'll hope for a good experience like you had!

  2. Love it! Very classy, elegant, and (I'm sorry if this scars you, but...) sexy without going too far.