Those "Something"s: Part one - borrowed and blue.

As I've mentioned, there are many wedding traditions that we're questioning or doing without. One tradition that I have decided to keep for the symbolism and really just for the fun of it is the "something" tradition - something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. My choices so far have kinda fallen into my lap, and I love them.

I haven't officially decided on my somethings old and new (although there are many new things I will be wearing), so I'm skipping to borrowed and blue for now.

Something borrowed...

My maternal grandmother died when my mom was only 24 years old, so I never knew her. She gave both of her daughters garnet necklaces before she died. The necklace shown above, in sterling silver, is my mother's. My aunt's necklace is actually a garnet set in gold and matches my ring perfectly. I asked my aunt to let me borrow the necklace and she gladly agreed. I love that I get to wear a necklace that's so special - honoring my grandmother and my aunt, adding even more garnet to symbolize my ring and it's symbol of guidance and protection, etc - without overwhelming my dress with too much accessory.

Something blue...

I found this monogrammed handkerchief on sale at Anthropologie. Take a close look - what letter(s) is/are monogrammed there? It's supposed to be a D, but there is no way you can tell me there's not also an L in there. I compared it to other "D" hankies and this one seriously had a mis-stitch or something because there wasn't another like it. Well, seeing as David's and my initials are L and D and the stitching was in blue, I was sold. Clearly it was meant to be mine - and for only $3.95! I plan on stuffing this baby into my bouquet handle or possibly tucking it away in my dress somewhere.

What are you using / did you use for your somethings?

* all images by me.


  1. It's serendipity!

    That necklace is really beautiful. I'm swooning.

  2. I love that hanky, too cute!

    I decided to follow that tradition too and while I would never be one of those brides who refused to walk down the aisle until she had some old, new, borrowed and blue, it's still fun. And I've had really easy luck with it.... the sash for me dress is blue, my shoes are new, my hair clips will be old and now I just need something borrowed.

  3. I love your Somethings! I am also borrowing a family necklace - a gold pendant with the diamonds from my grandmother's original wedding set. My aunt wore it too, my sister and cousin's also will someday. My Something Old is also a hankie - that grandma carried on her wedding day. These things just warm my heart to have them!