The cake post I thought would never be.

Since we're now a bit torn on the option to have a cake buffet or a full-blown tiered wedding cake, I have decided to explore the new possibilities. Suddenly, it's fun to think about potentially having a tiered cake.

So, if we decide to go the tiered route, what do I want? First, while there are some absolutely amazing things that can be done with fandant on cakes, it's just not for us or our wedding. at all. So, our potentially tiered cake would have to be pretty simple - or at least something that can be done with just buttercream.


Buttercream frosting is so much tastier than fondant, but it's much harder to get smooth. Honestly, I think the imperfect "stucco" look of this cake is wonderful. It seems to embody the rustic homey feel that I would love for our wedding to have.

But then, some of the most simple and wonderfully lovely cakes I've seen appear to be made with fondant - something about being able to get it so smooth certainly helps with the simpliity -


I think this might be my absolute favorite cake ever. Isn't it so cute? The colors wouldn't work for us, and I don't want to give in to fondant, but I would love to have a cake like this. Could it be done with buttercream?

Lo and behold - I found this:


It's all buttercream! Oh boy, this cake makes my heart go pitter-patter in a way I never thought possible for a traditional wedding cake. It's just. so. perfect. Now, I don't know if all bakers could be this insanely talented at making the buttercream this lovely, but I would sure love to see more of them try. Who needs fondant anyway?

I could have easily stopped my search right then and there and been content. But, how could I make a crazy tiered cake even more fitting for our wedding? That's it - lace!

Most lace options that showed up in my search, however, brought me right back down fondant lane.


If you'll ignore the awesome donut display for a moment, you'll notice that this lace pattern is simply drawn on piping. Couldn't that be done on buttercream?

sorry, no source.

Yes, I believe it could. I actually don't know for sure if this is buttercream, but doesn't it look like it could be? The lace around the bottom would be a lovely nod to the lace throughout our wedding. I would love a cake exactly like the perfect buttercream beauty from above but with the lace like this one has. Sigh. These cakes really are tempting.

So, what would you do? Are these cake examples tempting enough to forego the cake buffet idea, or am I just getting sidetracked?


  1. that buttercream one is so simple and casually elegant... i just love it..,

    but my favorite might have to be the donut tier!

    oh,my yes!!!

    best of luck in your final choice (it's fun, isn't it???)

  2. The power of cake compels you.

    For the record, I like the first one and the blue lace one a lot. Though I have to agree that the donut tower is bad ass.

  3. I think you previously made a really good point about the complexities of organizing a cake buffet (acquiring, transporting, storing, etc.), and all of those cakes look so great. That third one, the perfect butter cream one looks like it maybe has ribbon around it. Couldn't they do something like that with actual lace? I mean... you'd have to remove the ribbon, right? So...

    Whatever you do, you still need pie, my friend.