I am working on gathering photos from David's and my family members' weddings to display at our reception. I have picked a favorite from both my parents' and David's parents' album and wanted to share them with you all.

My Parents:

My momma was way ahead of the times wearing a hair flower instead of a veil. Doesn't she look beautiful? If you look really closely, you can see the very necklace that I'm borrowing from my aunt to wear. She had honestly forgotten that she wore the necklace for her wedding when she suggested I wear it, and it's so much more special knowing she wore it on her wedding day too.

David's Parents:

I love this picture. I love the veil, and the way David's dad is looking at his mom. Isn't it funny how both of our dads had a full beard/mustache on their wedding days?

I'm in the process of getting these framed and collecting more photos from our grandparents and such. I definitely think our guests will love seeing all these special wedding photos of loved ones.

How are you or did you honor your parents or other family members and their weddings at your own?

*photos are by me - I snapped photos of the photos out of their albums.


  1. wow. Your mom is really beautiful.

    For our wedding, we simply had each of the parents stand as our DJ announced their names. My husband comes from a divorced family, so the wedding picture idea wouldn't have worked for us without stepping on some toes.

  2. Your mom is so cute! And that is really cool that you're accidentally wearing the same necklace she did, so you'll be honoring your grandma, your aunt, and your mom all at once.

    Man, every time you post, I get even more excited for your wedding!

    P.S. Tell David to grow a beard real quick.