seal. stamp. send.

Funny how after all this talk of cake, I am heading out today to buy a bunch of these:


I guess we will be having a traditional tiered cake in our wedding after all. ;)

And yes, that means our invitations are finally and officially ready to be send out! After many many days of long hours working on them, I have loved them, hated them, and loved them once again. I am a bit DIYed out for the time being, but I couldn't be more excited for my babies to start reaching our guests' mailboxes. I also can't wait to show you loads of pictures of them, but that will have to wait just a little while.

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  1. OMG I can so relate to your feelings about invites. That was one of those DIY projects that I just hated on the end stretch. I felt like I had given birth or something. Okay, maybe that's a little over dramatic, but it was surely very tiring.