You're Invited - confusion control.

We've been getting about 2-3 RSVP cards back every other day or so - I really look forward to checking the mail each day. Yesterday, 2 out of the 3 I received looked like this:

Oh yay! These people will be coming to all three of our events - it will be so exciting to see them... wait, who are we seeing there again...?

Oh no, there are no names written on these cards! We know that someone (a group of two and another group of three, actually) will be attending our wedding, rehearsal dinner, and brunch, but we have no idea who. Makes the idea of an RSVP card a bit less useful with no names, doesn't it?

Well, I've heard so many warnings, stories, and solutions to the no name on a returned RSVP debacle, and I'm here to tell you - this will happen to you. In our case, we asked our guests to fill in a lot of information on these little cards, I guess I can see how one line may have been missed. And really, let's be honest, our font isn't the easiest thing to read, so if the part that said "Name(s)" was missed, the line that followed could have just looked like a dividing line... right? Well, anyway, excuses or none, this is a really common occurrence in the wedding world, so it's always best to be prepared.

I've seen some pretty awesome invites with super secret spy tactics where the couple wrote in number hints in invisible ink to be revealed only with a black light. I, however, went a slightly simpler route.

See the little four? I had a fine point sharpie that matched our gocco ink exactly (which I bought to fix another mistake which I'll be blogging about shortly), and since the globe image is already so splotchy, I figured nobody would notice a tiny little number among the splatter. My maid of honor noticed her number, actually, but she thought I had somehow printed them on with the image itself and was amazed at my powerful gocco skills. Anyway, the numbers coincide with the order our guests are listed on my handy excel spreadsheet (which also lists addresses, number invited, number RSVPd, gift received, and whether or not I've sent a thank you note). Our guests aren't listed in any preferential or even sensical order whatsoever (really - my maid of honor who is also family is number 51.) So, even if anyone sees the number they probably won't even know what it's for, and it definitely won't give away any notions toward my "favorites".

So yes, as soon as I received the nameless cards, I promptly opened my spreadsheet, matched the numbers, and viola! - those guests are no longer nameless.

Have you gotten any nameless RSVPs yet? How did you figure out the sender? If you haven't sent your invitations yet, how might you solve this potential problem? Have you got any other great confusion control tips?


  1. Got a couple, and I used the black light trick with invisible ink. So glad I did it! The pens I bought were so cheap with the black light on the cap I bought a bunch and give them to friends who are doing their invites, they love the idea!

  2. So funny. I have read so many posts about numbering the rsvp cards in case they come back nameless but I was seriously over that. Out of just over 100 invitations that went out, I did not get ONE response card back that did not have a name on it :) I did get one card that had a name I could absolutely not read but thankfully I could make out enough of the 'initials' to guess who I thought it was and I e-mailed them to clarify and sure enough, I was right! I think it's hilarious that people send them back without names. You are super smart to have hidden your numbers and looks like it wasn't a waste of time :)

  3. Girl, you crazy. I had no idea that brides did secret things like this! But I can see where it could be helpful in this case.

    Honestly, having my guests RSVP online was the best decision. People are used to filling out forms online & if they missed a step, the site prompted them. My only gripe was that the site I used added the 'specify the plus one limit' function afterward. This would have been very helpful.

  4. That was the best idea ever for invites... :) I love your blog. I'm a fellow bride-to-be as well...I'll be following your blog from now on.

  5. @ stilettos and coffee: thanks! :) Welcome, and thanks again. I love your username.