It'll happen, no matter what.

At this point, the wedding is a month away. As I tried on my dress yesterday at the seamstress shop, I was no longer just playing dress-up with a pretty dress wishing far into the future to the day I get to wear it for real. Now, the day I wear it for real is close. Super close. So close, in fact, that I am abandoning projects that aren't necessities, and drastically rethinking what needs to be done to pull off this wedding.

If the wedding was tomorrow, and I had no time left to complete a single project, there would still be a wedding.
We have a lovely ceremony written out.
We've gotten the necessary legal documents in order to actually get married.
There's a place for us to go, decorate, and celebrate in.
I have a fantastic dress to wear, complete with all the accessories.
There will be plenty of food for all of our guests.
We're sure to have fabulous photos of the whole event.
And, we get to spend time with many people we love.

Since I do have some time left, these remaining projects are pretty necessary:
It would be wonderful to complete the playlists, so people have something to dance to.
Finalizing a menu/plan for the rehearsal dinner would be nice, so we can feed the masses like we've promised.
David needs shoes - those are pretty important.
A run to Costco is necessary, so we can pick up the drinks.
And finally, there are some gifts for important players in the wedding that I would like to purchase.

Put that way, there's really not an unbearable amount of things left to do before out wedding becomes real. However, I would really also like to have:
Programs for the ceremony.
Aisle decorations.
Bouquets for my bridesmaids and myself.
Matching shirts for the groomsmen.
Signs for the cake table.
Out of town / welcome bags.
Bathroom essentials basket.
Signs for the guestbook.
A seating arrangement and escort cards.
Our photo clothesline.
etc. etc. etc.

I know not all of this will get done, and that's okay. But, I do really hope to get in gear and do a lot of it. Anyone with me?

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  1. hey laura. so funny to read your lists. they seem so familiar. :) i wanted to offer myself for anything that can be taken care of off of your secondary list from a distance. let me know girl. i'd love to be handed something so as to take a load off. if you think it will come down to something missing that you'd like and don't mind me asking some questions i'd love to handle it. only if it would help. i had a hard time passing out stuff because i was afraid of being a burden and was afraid of how it might not be exactly what i had in mind. i would try my best to stick to your ideas and it definitely would be a privelege. ;)
    love you,