The shoe game: final round!

I know it's been awhile, but remember my shoe dilemmas? First, my burgundy shoe options were severely lacking, then you all helped me find some options, but nothing seemed to fit. Well, I am finally here to announce that the shoe game has ended - and I won!

If you remember, I had ordered two different sizes of the Nina Electra shoes from Zappos. One size was too small and one was too big (seriously, I must be Goldilocks or something). When I wrote that last post, I was convinced that squeezing my feet into the too-small pair was the only way to go. I figured I would have time before the wedding to stretch them out, and figured it was a better alternative to the big ones slipping and rubbing all day. Then, lo and behold, I got the following comment from the lovely Stephanie of love&lace:

"Can I be your fairy godmother?
Try a pair of shoe inserts. You could try the heel grabber type or even ones for the ball of your foot. It will add comfort & might help close the tiny gap. Being in between sizes myself, I frequently do this."

which was immediately followed by this comment from Margarita:

"buy these: http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp?pid=80644&catid=10310 - cut them to fit the back of that shoe. voila! no more heel rubbing and the 8s will fit. And as feet to tend to swell.....it's actually a good thing to have shoes a little bigger. I put those things onthe back of all my shoes! (any drugstore should carry some version of that) and they literally save my feet."

source. and source.

so, buy them I did. I headed off to Payless and picked up their version of the back heel cushions (top) as well as the kind for the ball of your foot (bottom).

The sales lady actually recommended the bottom of the foot kind, saying that the cushion would actually help push my whole foot back and make the shoe fit without filling in the gap with the heel ones. I bought both anyway, and tried them out with another pair of shoes that are way too big for me. They worked! The once too big shoes that I had previously done everything I could think of (yes, I had even stuffed the toes with tissue) to make fit were suddenly a perfect fit! Equipped with my new magic cushions, I was finally ready to buy my beautiful burgundy design your own Ninas!

personal photos.

Aren't they beautiful? I still need to decide whether I'll wear just one set of the cushions (and which one) or both, but I still have time to wear them around and test it. I also really need to practice walking in grass with them, but really, I'll take any excuse to wear these beauties as I can get.

Was finding the right shoes difficult for you? What advice or discovery became your saving grace?


  1. Haha not mrs margarita. Just a regular ol margarita. Obsessed w wedding blogs while waiting for her bf to propose already. (in my defense I've had a lot of friends getting married recently which is how I fell into stalking wedding blogs).

    Glad the shoes worked out and you get a gorgeous pair to run around in in your wedding!!

  2. @ Margarita: ahh gotcha. Sorry for that - I tried to find a profile to link to your blog. Anyway, it's totally acceptable to be stalking blogs before you're officially engaged. I actually went and tried on wedding dresses before I was engaged (with engaged friends, but still). Welcome!

  3. Congrats on getting them to fit! I'm going to have to remember this tip. Shoes NEVER fit me.

    Btw, I love Nina :). And those shoes are really cute.

  4. I totally need some of those Heel Snugs! My heels are pretty narrow and I step out of a lot of shoes.

    I think your shoes are beautiful!

  5. Yay! I'm actually wearing the "china blue" version to my wedding (2011). GREAT SHOE CHOICE!!!