The bad news.

Okay, now that you've seen our awesome photos, it's time for some bad news. Sarah, our photographer, got over $5,000 worth of camera equipment stolen out of her car last week - pretty much everything she had. She filed an insurance claim and was given a measly $250.

So, our photographer has no camera. It's honestly by the grace of God that I'm not freaking out right now - something going wrong with our photography is literally one of my biggest fears and worst case scenarios surrounding our wedding. However, Sarah is a dear friend, and I know she is doing all that she can to ensure that our wedding photos - and the rest of her stunning photography - stays great. And she has a great community of friends and other photographers who are supporting her and lending equipment when they can.


You can read her words on the situation here, and Sarah is currently accepting donations to a paypal account here if anyone feels inclined to give and bless this amazing girl and support her work. So far, she's been given enough money to rent a lens which she will use for our wedding, and I can only assume that she will be borrowing a camera. She has faith that our pictures will turn out amazing and that she will be prepared for the day and her work to come, and I can only hope and trust as well.

Obviously. there are worse fates than stolen equipment, but my prayers are definitely going out to Sarah right now, and any prayers and thoughts you can give would be appreciated as well.

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  1. Wow that's a bitch! I am so sorry you have to deal with this right now, and I feel really bad for Sarah. But hopefully this means your pictures will go smoothly the day of.