The week of the wedding: Monday.

Hey guys! I've been back from my honeymoon for a few days now, but we're still in the process of moving David in and getting all of our gifts and such organized in our house - it's a little hard to blog while you're drowning in boxes. But, I seem to have gained quite a few new followers while I've been away, so it's time to get my act together and try to impress all you new great readers.

So yes, it's time to jump back in time a bit - back to the week of the wedding. Remember when I mapped out my plans for you all? It was Monday, and I had a week full of appointments, projects, and activities? Well, little did I know that those plans would begin to change that very day and get more and more hectic as the wedding day approached.

Remember how the day was supposed to go?
Monday (today): Volunteering at an event luncheon (for pay and career experience) from 9:30 - 2:00, last meeting with our officiant from 3:00 - 5:00, final fitting and pick up my dress at 5:00, dinner with my parents and some more organizing.

The day started out as planned - the luncheon was a success and provided some great experience and networking. I even got out a little early so I had some time to run home and then meet David at his work before we met with our officiant. We had a minor setback when David wasn't able to leave work on time - making us an hour late for our meeting, but we made it and came up with a great final plan for our ceremony - mixing the layout I'd already prepared and the notes our pastor planned in including nicely.

David and I parted ways so he could get some last minute projects of his own done (not to mention packing as he would be leaving early the next morning) and I headed off to pick up my dress. This was it. I was meeting my mom at the alterations shop and we would be able to take my dress home. The next time I put it on would be for real. I would be a bride. Or so we thought.

The last time we left the shop where my dress was being worked on, the length had been hemmed to perfection and we agreed on a bustle. I didn't love the look of it, but it seemed to be my only option, so I agreed. I was just ready to take my lovely home. However, when we came in this time, it was as if the seamstress had done nothing. I guess she decided that bustling the dress would be too hard on the fabric and instead did nothing.

Here's the thing: the seamstress we were going to was a family friend of one of my bridesmaids. She is very nice and excellent at her job... but, she does not speak much english and is extremely difficult to understand. From what I can gather, she was at a loss as to how to bustle my dress because of its trumpet style and tiered layers of tulle. The only bustle she seemed to know how to do was an American over-bustle (the left dress in the photo below), and with my dress it just would not work.


So, standing there in my dress in her shop the week of my wedding I had no bustle, and as she tried to hold it up the only way she knew how, she kept repeating "so much fabric! / so many layers!" and "It will rip!" I was completely unable to explain any bustle knowledge I had or express how I wish she would try something new, and she was unable to really explain her concerns or ideas with us. We were stuck there, frustrated and confused, while she tried the same thing over and over. We finally agreed on the "plan" she had come up with originally - pulling all of the many layers up into one big bunch and clip it to my butt. The layers covered the lovely sash of my dress and the tulle was bunched together in a very unattractive blob. In order for it to be raised high enough off the floor, the bunch had to be all the way up to my butt - making it look like I was pooping a giant wad of tulle - kind of like this:

source. no offence Tallulah, this just isn't my style.

My mom and I left the shop without my dress and were told to come back for it tomorrow. So not only were we leaving without the dress, but I didn't have a bustle - not really, anyway. We then spent the evening shoe shopping for my mom who has JUST decided that her wedding shoes were way too big and began to second-guess every singe pair of shoes in the store. To top it all off, our jeweler called to let me know that my our rings wouldn't be ready to pick up on tuesday as planned. They sad they would be done on Thursday or Friday instead. Um... hi. Yes, they'd better be ready Thursday or Friday for our Saturday wedding. This was the most stressed I would be in all of the wedding planning process.

Are you keeping score? No dress. No rings. No shoes for mom. Stay tuned for the rest of the week.

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