So Much Love: Some more shots.

After snapping this - my current most favorite photo in the entire world (although many of our other wedding photos come pretty darn close) - Sarah had us move away from the tree and uphill a bit into the field. I asked David to take off his hat for some shots since he'd been wearing it all this time, but I have since decided that I love the shots with his hat on. These photos, to me, almost seem like they're from an entirely different wedding. I love love love them, but the style seems quite different, no?

I don't know - mybe it's just the hat. Funny story, that hat was in no way a part of the plan for David's wedding ensemble. He bought it from Target a few days before the wedding while shopping for our honeymoon (the boy didn't own a single pair of shorts until the week of our wedding and we were about to go to Jamaica!) So yeah, he called and told me he bought a hat for the honeymoon. The next thing I know, I'm approaching my groom for our fist look, and he's wearing the hat. Thank goodness it ended up looking great in photos. He's basically been inseparable with the hate ever since.

So, David put his hat back on, and we began trekking back through the field to the car. Sarah wanted to get some photos of us in downtown Julian before our wedding party joined us for some group shots.

I can't decide if I like this photo better in color or black and white. What do you think?


  1. OH I like it color best - but you could do a spot color, and put yourself in b/w and keep the rest in color!

    They are lovely photos! Simply gorgeous!

  2. black and white!
    I love that first photo as well, and agree with you about the hat. It just works!

  3. All right, so clearly your photos turned out amazingly, so I need to know: how long did the shots of the two of you take? And the group shots? I guess what I'm asking is, how long do we need to give ourselves for the photography?

  4. @ Nicole: We had a lot more time than people normally schedule for themselves - and I still didn't think it was enough! We had intended to be ready and taking pictures a good 4 hours before the wedding, but we were running late, so it ended up being around 2-3 hours - including driving time. We had very little time with our wedding parties - they met us in one location and we zipped through their pics quickly - but that's mostly because we didn't want everyone to freeze... we were more willing to brave the cold for our pics than we could expect of them. Anyway, if everyone's at the same place at the right time, I'd say an hour or two is sufficient. If you want to go to more locations, more time will easily be filled. Granted, this much time is really only possible with a first look.