favorite things week.

That's what I'm calling this week - and it doesn't allow much time for blogging.

On Monday, a dear college friend called me and said she was in town. She invited me to see a silent film accompanied by it's original score on the Spreckle's Organ in Balboa Park. It was a wonderful evening spent with about 3,000 of San Diego's coolest elderly folk.

Yesterday, I got to see Sarah one last time before she moves to LA. We had CPK and then came to my house for some homemade Root Beer Floats in David's awesome A&W mugs.

And today, I've filled myself with pizza and am now watching David and his brother play the new Scott Pilgrim video game.

Tomorrow through Saturday, I get to have a reunion-adventure time with some of my closest friends and I absolutely cannot wait.

So, it's a great week - leaving me no time thus far to sit down and invest the hours it will take to blog about our ceremony. It's coming, I promise. Until then, have a great end of the week and weekend!


  1. You saw a silent film accompanied by a real organ! Duuuuude, jealous.