What do you wanna see?

This photo, another favorite of the day,
somehow escaped our first look post.
Image by Sarah Shreves.

Starting next week, I'm going to try to post more regularly - which leads me to ask, what do you want to see? I definitely have many more wedding re-caps up my sleeve - do you want me to keep posting them in chronological order, or would you like me to mix them up? Which posts from the wedding are you most looking forward to? Also, I have quite a few musings on being a newlywed, cooking, setting up the house, and some work I've done - would you like to see those posts in-between the re-caps, or should I wait until the wedding stuff is finished? I want to post what you want. Help me out here, yeah? What would you most like to see, and in what order? Thanks guys, I love you mucho!


  1. In chronological order please. And I'd prefer to have all the recaps together for perusing purposes personally.

  2. i like chronological as well :-)
    Then you can start all your newlyweds posts!