Ode to Autumn.

photo by Sarah Shreves.

I miss fall. A Southern California autumn means a constant back and forth between dry, hot, windy days, and those slight glimpses of rain and cool air mixed with mostly the typical nice weather days we get all year 'round. And a town riddled with palm trees doesn't exactly have many colored and falling leaves. What becomes a cool, crisp month full of scarves and hot cider in most places is our fire season. Having grown up in Southern Indiana, I've known the joy of leaping into a pile of freshly raked, crispy leaves.

I've been working opening shifts at work a lot lately, which gets me up in the morning early enough for it to still be pretty cool out. I like to fool myself into feeling like the weather really has cooled down. And you'd better believe I take every chance to sip a hot beverage while curled up in a blanket and to wear my scarves and boots as I can get. Oh, and every little crispy leaf on the sidewalk - few and far between - be warned: I will go out of my way to crunch you.

Regina Spektor's "Time is all Around" comes to mind. I love the lyrics - "Leaves become most beautiful when they're about to die - when they're about to fall from trees - when they're about to dry up." Enjoy.

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