So Much Love: Ceremony Details.

If you'll recall, having our ceremony moved inside at the last minute meant that I didn't see our ceremony space at all until the moment I walked down the aisle. The inside ceremony space doubled as the dance floor, so I had scattered some of my DIY decorations around the area, but the beautiful details that made the space beautiful should mostly be credited to my wonderful friends who pulled together and made. it. happen. the day of the wedding. I am forever grateful.

The mantle above where we stood - and the room's focal point was breathtaking. I had placed the wine bottle vases and baby's breath on the sides around the fireplace to decorate the reception, but it was my awesome friends who created that gorgeous arrangement in the center. Honestly, ya'll, this photo doesn't do it justice. They did more with baby's breath and roses than I ever thought possible. The vase was one of my first wedding purchases, and though I brought it to the lodge, I was pretty sure I wouldn't find a use for it. If you have extra stuff once everything is planned, bring it anyway - magic may occur. The letters on the sides were originally hanging from the altar/arbor outside - I'm so glad they got moved inside.

The programs were a late project - I printed the fronts on an inkjet (ps - stardream paper + inkjet = nightmare) and the insides had an ivory page with the wedding party and another with the order of the ceremony. The back was an ivory page of cardstock, and it had a nice thank you to our guests inside. I simply folded the cardstock, added a bow (some burgundy, some lace), and attached it all with a brad. I kept them in a sage green basket that I picked up at Michael's, and I'm pretty sure that's where most of them stayed all night. I forgot to get someone to make sure they got passed out. I saw a few guests with them, though, so I guess it was okay.

I love love love how the color of our bridesmaids' dresses turned out, and I think I did a pretty good job making them baby's breath bouquets at the last minute. They definitely achieved the lacy look I was going for, don't you think?

We don't have any close-up photos of the guys bouts, but I'm happy with how they turned out. Also, here's proof that letting guys get their own suits - with limited guidance on color - can turn out just fine. They match just enough, but look more natural and less stuffy, I think.

Seating was a tight squeeze inside, but I love this photo of everything in action. If you notice in the bottom right corner, people were seated right up against the tables in the other part of the room (so much for keeping the reception decor a surprise), and I actually didn't walk down the whole "aisle" - I had to cut in front of some rows.

I think our ceremony space turned out beautifully in all it's craziness. I was amazed at how quickly the event staff could get all those chairs back to the reception tables as well; by the time the cocktail hour ended, the room had been completely transformed.

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