So Much Love: Dinner Details, part two.

I'm so glad that my mix-up of projects, ideas, and collections turned into what I consider to be very beautiful tablescapes. Here are even more details from our tables/dinner.

My wine bottle votives were put to good use, scattered along the tables, providing lovely candlelight.

Each place setting had a name card which I Gocco'd with the little monogrammed globe from our invitations and save the dates and a mini Moo cards with an engagement photo and instructions for how to share and upload wedding photos.

David's and my places were even better, with our amazing vintage champagne glasses. I loved toasting with and sipping out of these lovelies, and they sit on display with my other stemware (honestly, I love any and all stemware!) in our house.

Those salads were as good as they look. We were served salads at our tables and then everyone was released to get dinner from the buffet. Everyone was very happy with the food - I've heard nothing but rave reviews. David and I were supposed to be served before people got up, but either by misunderstanding or my servant husband being too humble, we ended up eating last. But, don't you fear, I did eat at my wedding!

Ah, now I'm salivating. Dinner was a great time to sit, eat, soak in the reality of the day, and joke around with my new husband and our siblings (who were sitting at our table). The night had just begun!

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