To do list.

Today is a day off. This week is Thanksgiving - which means I will very quickly be hurdled into Christmas mode where I will have no time for little things like cleaning and such. Plus, we need to magically find room in our house for a Christmas tree. Thus, here is today's to do list:

1) 6+ loads of laundry. Is there even time for that in one day?
2) deposit at least 2 paychecks that have been sitting around.
3) magically transform furniture/house so there's room for tree.
4) attend to all the cleaning that magical transformation requires.
5) grocery shop so husband and I have food through the holidays.
6) return unwanted items at Macy's for possible Christmas gift money.
7) finish watching Dollhouse on netflix instant now that I'm addicted.
8) sit. sip hot cider or cocoa and bask in the joy that is the end of November.

oh... and 9) blog for the day... um, does this count?


  1. Oh Dollhouse, I wish you had been allowed to actually end.

  2. @ Nicole: did you see the epitaph episodes that weren't aired? I haven't watched the second season yet, but epitaph 1 is at the end of the first season and it's am attempt at an ending.