Xapu Notep.

I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 on Friday, and it reminded me of some photos I've been holding on to.

You see, in college I worked in the third largest library in the world (bested only by the library of congress and Harvard's library). My job - in the interlibrary loans department - was to receive and process the books that we borrowed from other libraries because we somehow didn't have them in our library so that students, professors, etc. could access them. Some grad student was apparently studying languages. or Harry Potter. or Harry Potter and languages. or something. Anyway, they borrowed these:

Really, I have no idea what kind of research these were for, but they were actually the least of the strange books I saw come through. I was actually reading the Harry Potter series when I processed these and it was really fun looking through these and comparing them - seeing all there different character names and other things I might recognize in whatever languages these are in.

But yeah, who has seen the newest movie? I enjoyed watching it, but it was pretty anti-climactic knowing what's to come and not being able to see it. While I think it was a pretty great adaptation of the book (er, of the first half anyway), it was definitely not a stand-alone film. I know they've made it clear that parts one and two are a single film released in two parts, but can you imaging someone who hasn't read the books or at least seen the other films trying to make sense of it? What did you think?


  1. hmm, maybe greek, and some kind of eastern european language?

    I'm so glad you were also a library worker. :-) Working in a libraries (local and college) was the only job I had high school and college, besides tutoring! AND I also did interlibrary loans!

    I thought the movie was really climatic..even though we have to wait 8 months fo the conclusion. I really liked it and thought they did a good job of getting the tension and build up feeling from the book, even though they couldn't include every detail.
    I don't know why anyone who hasn't read the books, or at least seen the whole series of movies would even be interested in #7, though.

  2. @ Katie: Honestly, we have so much in common. Why don't we hang out in real life?
    But yeah, I had guessed that they would be ending the film at that part of the book, thinking it would be the most climactic to build anticipation and still show progress - I think they did that well. I have a friend who has seen every movie religiously and loves them but has not picked up the books at all. She has been really good at understanding everything, and she's even made some really interesting predictions about the ending, but she had a really hard time following/understanding/enjoying this one.

  3. I collected pictures like this when I was in Europe. It's so awesome looking at the different versions. I'm rather attached to the French ones myself.

    I loved it! I was really impressed by how much they were able to capture from the books, and I'd forgotten how much action there is the first half. Definitely happy with it and can't wait to see it in IMAX. However, I was not happy that I have to wait another 6 months to see the second half, and I cannot imagine anyone seeing this film without having read the books. But if it gets them to pick up book 7 before the next movie, I'm not going to complain ;).