twenty eleven.

I'm ringing in the new year sipping on tea, spending the itunes gift cards I've been collecting through the holidays (I've still got a few - any suggestions?), and just overall relaxing at home with my husband. We had lofty plans that involved seeing Tron and seeing our friends in a band play a show that doesn't start until 1 am, but we've decided that home seems more inviting on this cold night. I promise to be more adventurous in 2011.

That being said, I'm compiling a list of goals for the year. They're not "resolutions" because I hate the idea of promising to do something every day / swearing off something / etc and then just forgetting about it a few weeks/days later. These are goals which I am compiling and would love to complete by the end of the year. I may add more as they come to mind, and I'll re-visit this list through the year.

[1] sell something on etsy.
[2] fit back into my skinny jeans.
[3] celebrate our one year anniversary in Julian or outside of San Diego.
[4] travel somewhere I've never been.
[5] advance in my job / or have a new job that works towards my goals.
[6] send Christmas cards to friends and family before Christmas.
[7] cook a full dinner at least once a week.
[8] cook/bake something new (following a recipe) once a month.
[9] read the Bible / spend significant time in prayer every day.
[10] have a day/night full of adventure - and photos to show it.
[11] be the head coordinator for someone's wedding.
[12] regularly sell things on etsy.
[13] prioritize weekly date nights with my husband.
[14] join bank accounts and budget so that we're actually saving.

A new year brings up some questions about this blog as well. Who's reading this? Do you like the way I've been posting lately - with personal life details mixed with inspiration and wedding recaps? Would you rather read a blog full of just crafty inspiration and DIY projects? Or perhaps you would rather I stuck to the wedding talk I started this blog for? I really want to get a grasp of who's reading and what I should make of this blog. I've thought about focusing more on my crafting to help inspire me to accomplish numbers 1 and 12 on my list - or would you rather I make a blog just for crafting - perhaps a collaborative effort with other artists?

I honestly appreciate your feedback and wish you the very best in the coming year.


  1. First, when you say "more adventurous" it reminds me of that Rilo Kiley album, so if you don't have any of their stuff, download it.

    We stayed in as well. I totally have the same opinion on resolutions. I feel that resolutions are for listing what you don't like about yourself instead of setting actual goals that can improve your life. As far as blogging goes, I'd be interested to hear about your life and any crafty goodness you'd like to share. I also enjoyed seeing your bedroom. So cute! Maybe a little tour of your place? Just sayin.

  2. Well once I move to SD we wont have a problem with trying new recipes or cooking once a week!!

  3. Good luck! You are far more inspired than I am to make goals. Good for you!

    I'm mostly reading to keep up with your life at this point.