Twenty ten: a review.

I think the best way to appreciate a year and begin a new one is to look back on everything I've done that past year. Here's a month-by-month recap - an idea shamelessly stolen from other bloggers.


It was wedding planning madness as the year we were to wed began. I focused on what I really wanted from the wedding - the moments. I was inspired, worded, and drafted our invitations. My mom, David, and I cut bottles to be votives and vases. Finding shoes became a struggle. My parents and I visited my grandparents in the desert, and I discovered Home Goods. After a brief mixup, my love for Paper Source grew, and I was ready to start the invitations. We got David a suit, and I pondered the brooch on my dress.


February was still chock-full of wedding planning. I struggled some more with shoes, but got closer to a result. I broke out the Gocco and officially started the invitation process. I discussed why I would change my name. We were getting closer to taking engagement photos, so I gathered inspiration and considered what to wear. I reached a weight loss goal, and landed an assistant coordinator job. David and I celebrated our last dating anniversary. We got rained out of our e-shoot, but it gave me time to scout out the best e-pic location ever. I made boutonnieres , and my momma got a dress.


We spent a day in Julian, finalizing wedding details and visited a baker, which made me temporarily re-think our cake buffet. Celebrating was to be done when I sent out our invitations. We took our engagement photos and I waited patiently to see the photos. I got sick. My sister in law/maid of honor had spring break and she brought me our lovely table runners. And finally, my wonderful bridesmaids finished off the month by throwing me a bridal shower.


I moved into our cute, little house - which apparently kept me from blogging too much. I hit a wedding planning wall. We made this wedding stuff legal by getting our Marriage License. David booked our rehearsal dinner. I made last minute projects, solved my shoe situation, and discovered Costco's flowers.


We got our e-pics in, and I showed them off. Just weeks before our wedding, all our photographer's gear was stolen. I completely broke down on the phone with Costco over flowers. Last minute wedding stuff got crazy, and I didn't blog the two weeks before the wedding until I checked in among the madness. And, finally, we got married! (And then we went on our honeymoon in Jamaica - which I apparently never blogged about!? I will fix this soon.)


After the wedding, my blogging turned into full-blown recap mode. I recapped the week of the wedding in full detail. David and I worked on unpacking his stuff and getting fully moved in to our home. I worked my first wedding as an assistant coordinator. I dove into a new job - working as a team member for the second biggest Chick-fil-A opening in the chain. I took a small vacation to visit my sister-in-law in the bay area and celebrate her graduation. And then, finally, at the very end of the month, Sarah Shreves gave us a sneak peek of our wedding photos.


In July, I finished the pre-wedding recaps, and we got our wedding photo disc in the mail, so I started to recap the day of the wedding in many posts. Apparently I was busy with work and recaps because I didn't posta about anything else - nor do I have photos or memories of much else.


August brought more wedding recaps. I took a break to paint our bedroom on the hottest day of the year. Then, I posted a few more recaps. I ended the month with the most awesome week full of friends, silent movies, food, petting baby giraffes and zebras, and overall adventure with the people I love.


In September, I did not post, but I had a very full month of finishing a big project at work and some major letdown that I'm still pretty bitter/hurt by and unable to discuss. On the bright side, I had a fun beach day with Nicole, and got to experience clinging to my husband in the middle of big disappointments and fears.


Blogging was still pretty light, but I posted recaps of our ceremony. David and I splurged and used our leftover wedding gift money and cash we'd been saving to take a trip to Disneyland with some dear friends. For a grand finale, we took a trip to the Bay Area for a roommate's wedding, and to celebrate my birthday (and I found Sunrise!)


I made up for the few months of non-existant posting by taking part in NaBloPoMo (but somehow stayed out of every photo taken this month - the one above is technically from October). This brought some more wedding recaps. I celebrated my birthday with the in-laws with an awesome cake. I discovered the joy of Photoshop actions. I started working mostly opening shifts at work and longed for a true autumn. I shared my favorite parts of Thanksgiving and my favorite all around food. David and I celebrated Thanksgiving with my family, and I worked Black Friday. I succeeded at posting every day, and won a month long contest at work with a grand prize of one hundred bucks cash.


I got in the holiday spirit, posted about wreaths, and decorated a table for a party. I attended five Christmas parties in one week - including one for David's work, my work, and my small group - complete with hilarious gift exchanges, good food, and friends. I decorated the house and wrapped pretty gifts. David and I both entered the world of smart phones with new free phones which helped me document the month. I made Christmas cookies with my family, looked at lights with friends, cooked Christmas eve dinner for both my family and David's, and celebrated Christmas at my parents' house and David's grandma's. Also, I apparently went another month where I stayed out of photographs. Maybe another goal for 2011 will be getting more photos of myself.

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