In hiding, kinda.

So, I've disappeared again. And right after I posted with a promise of more to come the very next day. Bad Laura. I could blame my new 24 hour fitness membership, or the fact that said new membership enhanced the sickness that I've recently gotten over. But really, I'm just trying to figure out my purpose in this here world wide web. Blogging was so much easier when I had a clear topic with a specific to-do list and tons of fun projects and details. Now, with no wedding to plan and everyday life bringing more and more to do outside of this blog, I'm not sure what to do. I really really want to start my etsy site, but I'm afraid of the time it's going to take up - time that I'm apparently unable to spare for a measly blog post here and there already. Any advice or guidance? Encouragement or specific things that you like about my blogging or would like to see more of? (no, I'm not just looking for compliments... though they're always nice...) Help?


  1. I like reading about your forays into interior decorating and other creative projects.

  2. If have nothing to say, don't blog. Blog for yourself, not just because "all the cool kids are doing it" or because you feel obligated.

    However, if you're having problems simply finding the time, I suggest making a schedule. Same as any other priority in life- job, chores, family/husband time, fitness, etc.

  3. I'd highly recommend starting an etsy shop! As a fellow DIY bride, I love that it gives me a reason to be crafty on a daily basis - I miss the wedding projects I was doing!

    Like Stephanie said, it's all about time management and scheduling. It's actually kind of relaxing to come home from work and work on orders, but I have to be sure I make time for cooking dinner, time with my husband, walking the dog, cleaning, etc too.

  4. My 2 cents:

    I know you have an interest in fashion of various sorts. It's something you've talked about here and something I know you spend a lot of time looking at (at least, I know you did in film classes ;) ). So perhaps a fashion blog would interest you? Not my kind of thing, but it's a thought.

    Also, if you're still planning on going into event coordinating, you could continue in the wedding/event vein with other people's stuff or your own DIY ideas.

    Then there's always the life blog. I for one would be most likely to read that though I am admittedly biased. However, I bet other people who have stayed with you this far would be interested in your life as well.