When I went to the Flower Education Event with Bliss, I got some headshots taken. We had Shannon from Studio Carre with us so that we could get good group shots for the website, and Shannon decided to throw in some individual shots of each lady.

I've already ruled out a few where I look ridiculous, but these two turned out pretty well.

Yes, I realize they are almost identical - I just can't decide which I like best. What do you think? Which of these photos looks best to you?


  1. I like the first one. Your smile seems a little more natural. But they're both lovely!

  2. Left. They are both fantastic, left is a LITTLE more natural I think.

  3. I can barely tell the difference, but I think the left one looks a bit softer.

  4. I agree with the others; go for the one on the left although they are both lovely.