House tour: the bathroom.

Happy Good Friday to you all - I'm super excited about the Easter events my church has going on this weekend.

I've been working on perfecting our living room so that you can see the main area of our house, but for now I have the smallest spot in the whole tiny house to show you - the bathroom.

Seriously guys, it's tiny. I had a hard time finding a place to stand where I was far enough away to show anything in the photos. That first photo is from the bedroom looking through the door. In the second, I stood on the back edge of the bathtub for the shot, and in the third I was backed way into the corner by the door. At least it's easier to carry a theme through a room this small - plus it was super convenient that the trash can and wall color that were already there matched the colors in our shower curtain and towels.

You may have noticed I moved the little q-tip and cotton ball jars between taking the second and fourth photos - that's because I can't decide where they look best. Also, I would love to have some kind of pretty vignette going on with that shelf above the toilet, but I don't want to add clutter. I've been thinking about looking around for some kind of vintage toothbrush holder or soap dish or something. The art is a piece of cardboard that I painted with the paint on our bedroom walls and drew on with sharpie - should I frame it or leave it be? Also, I think the cabinet is too high - shouldn't it be the same height as they mirror? This has bugged me ever since our landlord put it in (but I've loved having the extra storage otherwise.)

I'm pretty sure my someday dream bathroom will look much different than this one, but it makes me happy for the time being.


  1. what an adorable little space! I vote keeping the cotton canisters on the wood shelf over the toilet. It balances the shelf and the jars are nice an minimal. Plus, I think the white cabinet looks plenty balanced. It's anchored between the height of the light fixture and mirror. Perhaps it's just the angle in the photo, but I think it looks fine.

  2. I would keep the canisters on the wood shelf too. forget the frame, the painting looks super cute on its own :)