Street-side finds.

I was browsing craigslist yesterday afternoon when I saw a post that said "beautiful antique couch - FREE! I just put it out in the alley - come quick!" And that had been posted three hours before I read it. I decided it was worth checking anyway (even though it was probably gone and we don't have a vehicle that could even begin to carry a couch), so I got David to begrudgingly accompany me on an adventure.

We reached the alley in question and saw a furniture item ahead. Upon closer inspection, it was not the couch at all - but an awesome leather overstuffed chair - something I've been wanting for a while. We shoved it into our car (because this chair, unlike a whole freakin' couch, was small enough for the back seat) and went on our way. As we were about to pull back onto the street, we saw it - the couch was in the alley on the other side of the street. We pulled up, sat on the couch to claim our prize, and called David's dad with an Expedition to come pick it up for us.

And that, my friends, is the story of how we came home with not one, but two new old but awesome pieces of furniture.

photos by me.

The couch should probably be reupholstered and the casters on the chair are rusty if we're talking serious, but they were free. David wants to take the casters off anyway, and maybe I'll invest in some good upholstering someday. So far, we have no idea where to put these lovelies, but I'm working on that.


  1. nice! These pieces definitely have good bones. Personally, furniture salvaging is not for me since I have no desire to learn reupholstery, but I'm always amazed by the skilled people in the blogging world. And hey, if for some reason you realize that these don't fit, you can always repost on craig's list.

  2. How did you end up with a golden-yellow striped sofa after all?! Yay! Both pieces are awesome.

    As for where to put them, I say, remove your bed from your bedroom, and turn that into a study. Then, hang cabana curtains around your porch to make an outdoor sleeping area, just in time for summer. :)

  3. @ Sarah: I KNOW! I thought of that other one I almost bought after we got this one home. Also, a cabana curtain bedroom sounds like the perfect solution... haha.
    @ Stephanie: Yeah, I have to think long and hard about whether or not the couch needs work and if so whether or not I'm willing to give it a try. Since they were free, anything I get off a craigslist posting will be pure profit if need be.

  4. Holy jackpot batman! Love the couch & LOVE the clubchair!!

  5. Sweetness. This reminds me so much of Berkeley.