Stumblin' around.

Have you discovered StumbleUpon yet? I'm pretty sure this is my new favorite obsession. You start by checking off things you like in a long string of interests and then it starts showing you websites calculated to fit your interests. And, much like Pandora does with music, it caters even more and more to your tastes as you "like" or "dislike" things along the way. Look at some of the amazing things I've found in just my first few "stumbles."

Map Heart Vignette from Pinterest (which I've now requested an invite for), and Roasted Tomato Mac and Cheese found here from here.

I've also "stumbled upon" a site that recommends books based on titles you've already enjoyed, and another that provides recipes that you can make from what's already in your fridge!

In addition to these new sites that I'm sure I'll be visiting often, StumbleUpon has brought me to some of my favorite music videos, great DIY projects from other blogs, and some amazingly beautiful photographs full of inspiration. I love it.


  1. So I totally want to check out some of those links, but none of them are working. Don't know if it's on my end or yours, but I thought I'd let you know.

  2. They should be fixed now. :) Thanks.
    Also, check out bookmooch.com