I was scrolling through old posts and was reminded of my goals for the year. Let's see how I've done now that we're in the fifth month.

[1] sell something on etsy.
[2] fit back into my skinny jeans.
I now fit back into my regular jeans and not just my fat ones - that's a step.
[3] celebrate our one year anniversary in Julian or outside of San Diego.
we're going to Vegas - to be crossed off soon.
[4] travel somewhere I've never been.Vegas.
[5] advance in my job / or have a new job that works towards my goals.
Yay! New job with some event planning included.
[6] send Christmas cards to friends and family before Christmas.
[7] cook a full dinner at least once a week.
eh, I don't know if I've succeeded every week... I'll have to remember to work on this.
[8] cook/bake something new (following a recipe) once a month.
Again, I just need to remember this goal.
[9] read the Bible / spend significant time in prayer every day.
Fail. Never too late to start, right?
[10] have a day/night full of adventure - and photos to show it.
so far this year has provided some good times... the photos are lacking though.
[11] be the head coordinator for someone's wedding.
[12] regularly sell things on etsy.
[13] prioritize weekly date nights with my husband.
Success! We've named Monday night our official date night and done pretty well keeping it.
[14] join bank accounts and budget so that we're actually saving. Done!

So, a few items in progress or to be completed soon and two items completely done - that's not too shabby, right?

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