This is almost exactly what I'm wearing at work today. Pretty much everyone is out on vacation, and summer has tended to make things quite a bit more lax, so I opted for sandals and a tank top.


Ruffle top
$45 - modcloth.com

BKE v neck tank
$12 - buckle.com

Steve Madden beaded thong sandals
$25 - lorisshoes.com

I'm doing my best to enjoy my summer days - which leads to busy late-night outings, and hours watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer (ahhh, I totally get all the girls I've known who have been madly in love with Spike now!) But please bear with me - I haven't abandoned this blog, I'm just figuring out what I want out of blogging. I love any and all of you who are still reading - please don't stop.

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  1. I want this outfit so BADLY. It's so pretty! I'm bookmarking this.