another random re-appearance.

I fear that the smart phone has ruined blogging for me. Sending a quick snippet on Instagram is just so much easier. Anyway, this is what I'm wearing today. I'm working on losing a bunch of post-wedding weight that decided to stick around for 2+ years, and I've re-discovered my wardrobe in the process.

This is my go at mixing patterns. What do you think - does it work? I'm obsessed with this skirt and belt - both from Anthropologie (on sale, of course). The top is actually one of those uber-tight body-hugging dresses from H&M, and the scarf was a gift from a friend. It's actually one of the most "me" clothing items I've ever been gifted and it came from one of the most unlikely sources. Love that.

I want to attempt to document more of my outfits - mostly to encourage myself to wear more "internet-worthy" ensembles. Is there anyone still out there who would even be remotely interested in seeing what I wear?


Why are inspiration and melancholy so intimately entwined? Perhaps it's just me, but that deep longing, the ache of lost opportunity, the dance of desire and dashed hopes - these are the feelings that come upon me when I feel the most inspired. I'm told these things are supposed to be opposites. Inspiration is supposed to incite, to motivate, to fill us with creativity and good feelings. And, it does those things. But, it's always mixed with the feeling that I could do more. I should see more, create more, love more. I see opportunity mixed with loss, beautiful memories mixed with what has gone.

Apparently inspiration literally means "to breathe in" - how can one breathe in the world around them without feeling a bit melancholic? What's beauty without something to compare it to? Something that we specifically describe as being less. Something not quite as lovely as that other thing, that beautiful, deserving thing over there. But, isn't the most beautiful thing you can find the "diamond in the rough." Aren't our favorite stories those of redemption? The Cinderella stories that capture our hearts. It's those quiet moments, the unexpected, and the beauty in the disaster that shine the brightest. So, then, isn't it natural that some of the ugly, sad, or unwanted would get mixed in? We see beauty and the rest comes along for the ride. Beauty is all of it, then. The good, the bad, and the ugly. That's life. And that's beautiful.

I've always found a strange kind of joy in listening to sad songs. What was easily considered just being an "emo kid" in my days of old was perhaps a bit of insight into the true, real, beauty of this mix. Real emotion - even the saddest kind - shows the beauty in life. To be that sad, to croon the melody of lost love, dashed dreams, or unexpected downfalls implies the reality of joy. You simply cannot mourn a loss without acknowledging the very real joy, peacefulness, or fulfillment that you once had. And can have again. It's inspiring, but it's also very heart-wrenchingly real. Real hurts. But, it's beautiful.


Oh, Christmas tree...

Merry Christmas to you all!


Pray for Jeremy.

Hey, so let's ignore the fact that I haven't posted in forever, shall we? Thanks. Technically, my excuse is that I created a Word Press site to unveil my new event planning name and then I got stuck on the customizing and aesthetics, so it's all on hold. But, we're ignoring the large gap in time, right? Is anyone still here?

I'm writing today to ask all you praying folk to join me today in prayer for a dear friend. He's the worship leader at my church and has big plans to move to Nashville in a few months to pursue his music career. Well, on Sunday, he was admitted to the hospital after some major swelling in his face and neck led to the discovery of a very large mass in his chest.

You can visit a site with updates and such about Jeremy here.
Originally the doctors thought it was lymphoma, but the official biopsy diagnosis has revealed that it is actually a rare form of cancerous tumor, but that the hopes of recovery are very high.

As his father has said, "We received a diagnosis and it changed from the preliminary diagnosis! Jeremy has Mediastional Germ Cell Tumor Seminomatous, evidently a dormant tumor that has developed a life of it's own and is really big and malignant. The aggressive chemo starts tonight. The treatment cycle should end in about 4 months. The outlook for healing is very good with some dark, dangerous days and weeks ahead. We covet your prayers throughout this whole process. More details will be posted tomorrow."

A group of friends and members of my church are getting together at 1:30 (pacific) at the hospital to pray over Jeremy as he begins chemo. Please join me if you will. I believe in a God who is Mighty Healer and who has great plans for my friend. Thanks.


Ruche look.


Sleeved dress
$53 - shopruche.com

$48 - anthropologie.com

Bow heels
$39 - shopruche.com

Silver flower jewelry
$15 - shopruche.com

photo op camera case
$30 - shopruche.com

I apologize for posting this with no explanation - I meant to just publish the board to Polyvore for later use, but I guess it decided to publish it to my blog automatically. Anyway, this is a fun look I decided to create from items I've been loving over at Ruche (except the tights - they're from Anthropologie.) I'm so looking forward to cooler weather so I can wear fun ensembles with tights to work. We're getting close - I'm wearing boots today!