Our photographer took this photo from her car window while waiting in line to pump gas. She's so amazing. I can't wait for picture time.

Tomorrow is my birthday, and David and I are going to Disneyland. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and a happy Halloween!


Longer tables make happier brides.

I honestly, truly believe with all of my heart that long tablescapes are the prettiest, most loviest of all the table options. The poor round guys don't stand a chance against these beauties.


Maid for each other: The Dresses - hold that thought.

Well folks, I was wrong. The lovely bridesmaid dress that my ladies picked has not been discontinued. After yesterday's post, I decided to look at Eden Bridals' site once more - not to look for the old dress, which I knew had been removed from the site, but to look at possible choices for new dresses. I already knew they had a burgundy and gold color option that I loved, so it would be a good line to give the girls options to mix and match with. I liked a few of the dresses, but wanted to see them in person, so I looked up some shop locations that carry the line. It was on the website of the closest location to me that I found the dress. I knew it was possible that the website hadn't been updated in awhile and that the dress would still be discontinued, but I decided to give it a try anyway. The lady in the shop said that yes, the website was old and yes, the dress was probably discontinued; but when I gave her the style number listed on their website, she looked it up and said, "Oh, we have this dress, I sold some of it in the last month."

Hallelujah! Oh happy day! The dress that had been previously declared a perfect match for my dress and that my bridesmaids loved is available!

source - dress no longer on site (but still available!).

But now I'm torn. I was really liking the mismatched idea, and it could have potentially been a less expensive option for my girls. But, I really do love this dress. Should I include it as an option but still go the mismatched route? Should I go all the way and have them all buy this dress? Should I scrap this dress altogether and go with a completely different dress (or dresses)? What do you think?


Maid for each other: The Dresses

Today's post is pretty late as I haven't been in blogging mode today. Why? I have Cat Scratch Fever. No joke, I came out of a hour of chasing my sisters' cat around (trying to save her from termite fumigation) with really infected vampire bites, a finger so swollen I can't wear my engagement ring, and fatigue/headache/etc. Anyway, I'm on antibiotics for the infection now, so hopefully I'll start feeling better soon.

I've been thinking a lot about how to dress my bridesmaids.

Awhile back, my MOH S and Bridesmaid B came up to visit me at school and we went shopping for dresses.

personal photo. Here we are at the dress shop - photo distorted to avoid an unwanted sneak peek of my dress (yeah, I realize it looks really strange)

We decided on this in burgundy with a gold sash:

source - dress no longer available.

It was perfect, and the girls loved it so much they told me that they would be tempted to buy it even if I didn't choose it as their dress. Unfortunately, since then the dress has been discontinued. There is no hope of finding the dresses online or anything because we have such specific color requirements and were even going to have the fabric changed.

So, the remaining options for bridesmaid dresses are:
[1] Go dress shopping with the girls again and find a new dress, or
[2] pick a color/length/etc and tell the girls to pick whatever they want.

I am planning on going dress shopping with my ladies again when they're in town over Thanksgiving, but honestly, I am really liking the mismatched bridesmaids look.



These are both examples of very mismatched bridesmaid groups, and the second one is even in the general color scheme I'm looking for. I would love to go for something like this - it would be so simple, but I think I'm a little more of a perfectionist than that. I'm worried that since there are so many shades of reds/burgundy/maroon that the dresses might clash with one another. I'm thinking that I will probably either choose a specific line of dresses and my color of choice and have the girls pick any dress from that line, or I will get paint swatches or something in the colors I love and have them find a dress in that color family.

This picture from Style Me Pretty restored my faith in the possibility of finding dresses from all different places that match and look lovely together.


I would have gone with all different color choices if we were having our "other wedding", but I really have a specific shade pictured to go with my dress, so we'll see about getting them to match. Wish us luck!

Do your bridesmaids dresses match, or are you taking the mismatched route? Do you have at least one feature (color, cut, style, length, etc?) that ties them all together?


Counting: I ate this...

Howdy folks, I have something wonderful to share with you. Meet Livestrong.com. It's a fabulous tool for calorie counting/tracking and healthy living tips.


There are so many wonderful elements to the site like setting and tracking fitness/workout goals, helpful health articles, and more, but the feature I am most excited about is called "The Daily Plate."


It helps making calorie counting super easy - and fun!

First, you inset your weight, height, age, and such along with the amount of weight you hope to lose/gain/stay the same, and it calculates the amount of calories per day you should be eating in order to reach your goal.

Then, you add food items to your plate. By using their search feature, you can add the actual items from pretty much any restaurant or brand you want. You find your food or drink item, click "I ate this" and it's added to your running count of consumed calories for the day. They have just about everything (seriously, they have the calorie content for an item at Red Robin that Red Robin itself didn't even have on their Nutritonal Facts menu), and for any specific items that they don't have, you can estimate the calorie count by adding up ingredients or items like it or by inputting your own information. Then, you're given the option to write how many servings of the item you ate, what time of day ti was, and combine items you eat a lot into meals for easier adding next time. Not only does this feature count your calorie intake, but it also spreads out the daily percentages of fats, cholesterol, carbs, sugars, fiber, and protein from the things you've eaten. You can also track your daily water consumption.

According to this site, if I can eat around 1,600 calories per day, I can lose 1 1/2 pounds per week - making my wedding weight loss goals easy to reach. So far, I have been a bad kid and have consumed and tracked more calories than my goal each day (that's what I get for starting on the weekend), but I mostly blame my friends who dragged me to fatty but tasty chains all weekend long. (Did you know that The Cheesecake Factory has items on their menu that contain up to 3,000 calories! Add a 900 calorie slice of cheesecake and you're eating more than twice what you should for a day in just one meal! - I didn't eat that much when I was there - we split a meal and a slice of cheesecake, but it still put me over my limit)

Anyway, I am really enjoying tracking my calorie intake on "The Daily Plate" and hope to see some results!

Do you count calories? Does it help you maintain your weight or weight loss goals?


Aisle Style Part 2: Lead the way.

Part one.

Another way to make the ceremony special and memorable is by making the actual aisle appealing. There are so many options available for decorations along the aisle, here are just a few of my favorites:

Once wed.

Shepherd's hooks with lanterns!

Fabric flags!

sorry, source unknown.

I'm thinking we'll do something with baby's breath, ribbon, and lace. I'll post more about my ideas as they grow.

What's your favorite aisle decoration style?


Photo decision.

So, I wasn't torn for very long. I met up with the lovely and phenomenal Sarah Shreves today, and it's official. She's our wedding (and pretty much everything in between) photographer, and I couldn't be more excited.

Photos by Sarah Shreves.

In case you missed my earlier post, you can see some photos of weddings she's shot here. Seriously, could she be any more fantastic?



Look at these beautiful wedding details from Michelle and Peter's wedding on Once Wed.


Photo line on a fence? Chic hay bale seating? Chalkboard menu? Wildflowers in great glassware? Awesome carved sign? YES YES YES please.


My "other" wedding.

I saw this post from Mrs. D'Orsay today, and it got me thinking about how very much our wedding has changed since I first started dreaming details. In fact, the wedding that I had in mind before we were officially engaged and I was planning anyway is so different than the wedding we're planning now that it's hard to believe we're the same couple.

Our "other" wedding looked like this:

personal photo - all images from The Knot, J Crew, and Maggie Sottero.
I made this inspiration board over a year ago, and I was so sure our wedding would turn out like this.

I saw these wedding details from Jerry Yoon, and thought for sure I'd copy them:


This wedding would not have a cake buffet, but a lovely fondant beauty like this:

sorry, source unknown.

I would have use LOTS and LOTS of ribbon like on these invitations from etsy:

exact source or maker unknown.

These bouquets:

source unknown.

and our tables would have had black table cloths with pops of color and ribbon details like this:

source unknown.

I still think this wedding is lovely, but it is definitely not ours. I was really excited about the bright colors and fun for a time, and there are still details about this "other" wedding that I'll miss, but I love what our wedding has become.

What does your "other" wedding look like? Did you stray far from your original ideas in the course of wedding planning?


Photo indecision.

I would like to interrupt our previously clear photo decision to add a whole lotta confusion to the mix. A dear friend of mine from high school, Sarah Shreves is a photographer. Scratch that, she's and amazing photographer. I didn't want to ask her to shoot our wedding because I feared it would put too much pressure on her, but the other day she told me she would be honored to do it - for $500 less than the photographer we'd been speaking to.

We have not officially filled out the contract and booked the other photographer yet because he was away for quite some time and I can't bring myself to commit. I am now leaning very strongly towards having Sarah do it. Check out her amazing work:

All images by Sarah Shreves.

Doubting your photographer yet?


Date Savers: A Sneak Peek.

personal photo.

Boy, I love my Gocco.
I still have to work to do with the envelopes/mailing labels, but I wanted to show these beauties off! I will write a full how-to post and show you all the details after they're mailed out to our guests. (I want some people to be surprised, okay?)

Have a lovely weekend! (Mine will be spent hunting down addresses among my parents' extremely unorganized collection of old Christmas cards)


Another ring?

I love my engagement ring, really I do, but I am completely at a loss when it comes to getting a wedding band to go with it. The oval basket setting will not allow a standard band to sit flush with it.

my ring. personal photo.

The most obvious or common choice for a ring like mine is to buy a curved wedding band. Many rings even come in pre-made sets where the curve allows the band to sit flush with the engagement ring's setting.


However, I really don't think this option is for me. I want to be able to wear my wedding band alone if I should choose to, and I don't really want it to look like this:


I could, of course, choose to always wear my wedding band by itself and wear my engagement ring on my right hand whenever I want, but I have this weird thing about having symmetrical rings (one on the same finger of each hand), and just don't think I could get used to it or even like it. Chances are I would not wear my engagement ring again, and I don't want that. Plus, I want a chance to wear both rings together at least while we're newlyweds. Time to get creative.

Mrs. Cherry Pie posted about her own search for a creative way to make a ring to fit her unique ring here and here.

Her Jeweler drew these sketches for possible solutions for her ring,


and she ended up with this:


I thought this was such a lovely solution and started dreaming up ideas for my own ring - including swirls and such to fill in the gaps between a normal band and my ring's setting. Unfortunately, when I approached my jeweler with this option, he basically told me flat out that it would be too expensive to be worth it. I'm still keeping this option open, and will perhaps talk to a few more jewelers soon.

Mrs. Mary Jane also posted about her wedding band dilemma here. She has a halo/basket setting like mine, and was able to actually have the basket setting cut so a ring could slide into place.


This, I think, is the best option. I would still be able to have a standard band and they would sit perfectly flush. I am worried, however, that cutting into the basket setting would not work for my ring and would perhaps make some of the diamonds loose or the ring less stable.

My jeweler said that they could shave off some of the bottom layer of the basket so that I could slide a very thin band underneath it, but I don't want a paper-thin wedding band that could potentially break. He did not say anything (positive to negative) about actually cutting the basket setting, though, so maybe I'll go back and ask him about it with Mary Jane's pictures as evidence that it works.

My last option is from Fashion by Bowie. This blogger has a ruby ring that looks exactly like my garnet, and here's what she did for a wedding band:


This is such a creative twist and makes the rings very eye-catching and interesting, but I'm afraid this band still wouldn't look quite right alone. It's so neat to be able to see another option for my (almost) exact ring, though, so I had to share it.

So, I still don't know what I'm going to do about my wedding band. I really like my jeweler, but he doesn't seem to be very helpful in the creative options department. Perhaps I'll search for someone new and keep hunting for options.

Does your engagement setting sit nicely with a wedding band, or do/did you need to get creative like me? What did you come up with?


all in a line.

I absolutely love the ides of stringing photos on a clothesline.

Style me Pretty.

David and I aren't huge on the wedding slideshow idea, - plus, the lodge doesn't have any set-up that would allow it - but we really want to display photos of us throughout our childhood, relationship, etc. It would also be great to showcase photos of friends and family who attend the wedding. I still have the Photo Album that will later be filled with guestbook postcards to fill for it's time at the wedding. My plan was to put engagement photos in there, however, so we will still have tons of other photos to display on a line!


Wellspring Photo.


The photo above is actually a line of postcards that served as escort cards. I also love it when people clothespin their escort cards.

Once Wed.

Weddingbee! I love how Mrs. Espresso wrapped the clothesine around a tree!

I would love to include this escort card idea, too. I'm playing around with the idea of doing both - possibly having the escort cards spread out among the photos (perhaps even having photos of certain guests close to their own card?) - but, I don't have a solid plan yet. I need to wade through lakes and lakes of escort card inspiration before I'll be ready to commit. I am, however, starting to think about collecting clothespins because the photo line will happen - with escort cards or not.

Do you like the photo lines better hanging freely or up against a wall/fence/tree? Would a mixture of photos and ecsort cards seem too cluttered or confusing? Is it possible to have too many photos on display at your own wedding?