I'm a Mrs.!!! Yesterday was more perfect than I could ever have imagined - who knew it was possible to have so much joy!?

photo by Sarah Shreves

I get to run off to Jamaica for a week now, but I couldn't leave without showing you the one photo (albeit an awesome polaroid that is much less awesome when scanned into the computer) I've seen so far.

I can't wait for more pictures and to be able to share every amazing detail!


Checking in.

So, here I am, the day before my wedding. There are people sleeping on basically every space possible at my (parents') house, and we're headed out to Julian in a matter of hours. Speaking of hours - our rehearsal is in twelve... our wedding is in thirty six. Wow.

Once Wed.

I have so much to share with you all about these past few days - suffice it to say, the week I posted about did not nearly go as planned. Add to all those things I listed, countless trips to the shoe store with my mom doubting every pair of shoes they sold, my dress being held hostage by a woman who didn't know how to bustle it, but couldn't speak enough english to tell us, our rings not being ready until the last minute, the sudden acquisition of a DJ of sorts, a complete take-over of my planned-out playlists, hundreds of dollars spent in make-up, a bachelorette party trying to please very different people, and flowers that never arrived.

But don't worry, I now have the prettiest bustle that a girl could ever dream of, the rings are safe and sound, and the flowers are now officially being held for pick-up so as not to get lost all over town. I just finished printing out my vows, and I'm enjoying the peace of the morning before everyone wakes up and things get crazy again.

Oh, and I am pleased to announce that David arrived safely back in San Diego last night.


Week-of madness: an overview.

So, what does the week before a woman's wedding normally look like? Well, I don't know about normal, but for me it's pretty crazy. Here's an overview of what's planned so far this week.

Saturday: At my parents' house all day finishing up the seating chart, buying sodas, wrapping attendants' gifts, and attempting to organize a massive amount of projects.

Sunday: At church at 7 am to help set-up, watched babies in the nursery during church, quick lunch, helped David with a wedding project of his own (I'll be showing it to you soon), bible study, some honeymoon packing.

Monday (today): Volunteering at an event luncheon (for pay and career experience) from 9:30 - 2:00, last meeting with our officiant from 3:00 - 5:00, final fitting and pick up my dress at 5:00, dinner with my parents and some more organizing.

Tuesday: Take David to the airport at 8 am, back to my parents' house to pack up anything that's completely ready, pick up rings (and take my mom with me so she can check David's engraving on my ring - it's a surprise).

Wednesday: Two bridesmaids will be in to help me with a full day of finalizing projects. Also, figure out time to get a manicure, pedicure, and possibly do something with my eyebrows.

Thursday: Pick up a good friend from the airport, take dear friend to the beach "because her toes need sand", get home to await flower delivery, mom picks up aunt and cousin from airport (and brings them to the beach), arrange flowers and pack them in water for trip, commission someone to pick up the groomsmen's rental shirts, Bachelorette celebrations at 4:00pm - well into the night. David gets back around 10 pm.

Friday: leave early to arrive at venue for set-up, rehearsal at 6:00 pm, and dinner at 7:00 - and so the wedding weekend begins.

It's going to fly by.

Oh, and yes, if you're wondering, my fiance is indeed flying across the country and not returning until 40 hours or so before the wedding. He was offered a work opportunity that I wouldn't let him pass up. I'm kicking myself now, but praying it all works out. (Please pray with me for non delayed flights!)


Break it down.

I just got off the phone with the florists connected to Costco.com, and I am still bawling my eyes out. Well, hello breaking point. Hello, wedding stress level that I have so far been able to abate. Hello bride a week and a half before her wedding. Who is this person?

So, wait, what happened? Let me tell you.


On Saturday, my mom and I ordered flowers on Costco.com. We decided on the combo box above for my bouquet and the aisle decorations. It had three different blooms and seemed like the best deal. We also ordered three boxes of baby's breath, but they're not the problem here. What's the problem? Well, you'll notice that the roses in this particular box are red. However, I saw a review on the site from someone who got the roses changed to white. Plain red obviously doesn't go with burgundy, so I would have them changed too. No big deal. So, we proceeded with the order. I got to the end where you verify the order and place payment and, oh wait, there were never anywhere to leave comments or requests about the order. I had just sent in an order for red flowers. No bueno.

So, I called customer service immediately. Well, apparently I called too soon, because they lady on the phone told me that my order had not gone through yet - she said it could take an hour to two hours and that they were closing in 55 minutes. She said that my best bet would be to e-mail them my request. So, I did e-mail them. That night. I let it rest all day yesterday because I figured it was their first day back open and I should give them time to respond. This morning I checked. Still no response.

I decided it was time to call again. The man on the phone instantly transfered me to the floral department where I am told that it is too late to change my order because it has already been sent to fed-ex to be fulfilled. Wait, what!? She told me that she had no record of my request and there was nothing she would do. Well, of course you have no record of my request - nobody told me that I should or even how to message the florists directly. Anyway, my previous attempts were apparently useless, and now it was too late.

It was about this time that I started crying. And I do mean crying - like full-on bawling to the point of hyperventilation and inability to get a word out crying. Oh, and I pulled the wedding card. After my flood of tears and comments like "it's for my wedding, so it's not like I can exchange them after they arrive" and "I need them to be white - red won't work, the bridesmaids dresses are burgundy", the lady on the phone was legitimately freaked out and scrambling to find a way to help me. After approaching her manager about it for a second or even third time, she was given the go-ahead to allow me to change my order. She instructed me on how exactly to e-mail them directly, and assured me that as soon as the e-mail went through, they would work on getting the color changed. I thanked her profusely and sent the e-mail.

Am I happy to have the flowers changed? Mostly. I'm relieved I guess. Am I proud of my blubbering? No way.

Although I didn't purposely cry to get my way, it certainly appears that way. The tears came because the stress of the wedding and all that I have left to do and the weight of the event that is about to happen all came crashing down on me at once - I am busy and tired and stressed and excited and anxious and overwhelmed - things like that tend to bring tears (and lots of them) to my eyes. But really, I was faced with an unfortunate circumstance, a threw a tantrum, and I got my way. That's not really how I want to act upon the cusp of the most adult moment of my life thus far. That's not really that flattering or admirable of me. It is, however, very common. Brides are to breakdowns like peanut butter is to jelly. They're expected. They're joked about. There are even entire tv shows centered around the stigma and assumption that a bride is known to - and will - go absolutely crazy in the process of planning her wedding.

I understand that with this much pressure all grouping together and climaxing upon one very important day, there is sure to be stress, tears, and a breakdown or two. But, I am making the decision right now to not allow myself to be ridiculous. Things will go wrong. So what if we end up with some red roses? I'm sure we could have made do with the rest of the flowers in the bunch. So what if something doesn't get finished, is forgotten, or doesn't happen the way I planned? I get to marry the best man I know in just over a week and that's what matters.

What kind of breaking point moments have you hit? How do you calm down and remind yourself of what matters?


The wedding is a week and a half away. Forgive me if I don't post too often and please stay tuned for tons of wedding goodness come June!



Two weeks. Holy. freakin. cow. thatisall.


The bad news.

Okay, now that you've seen our awesome photos, it's time for some bad news. Sarah, our photographer, got over $5,000 worth of camera equipment stolen out of her car last week - pretty much everything she had. She filed an insurance claim and was given a measly $250.

So, our photographer has no camera. It's honestly by the grace of God that I'm not freaking out right now - something going wrong with our photography is literally one of my biggest fears and worst case scenarios surrounding our wedding. However, Sarah is a dear friend, and I know she is doing all that she can to ensure that our wedding photos - and the rest of her stunning photography - stays great. And she has a great community of friends and other photographers who are supporting her and lending equipment when they can.


You can read her words on the situation here, and Sarah is currently accepting donations to a paypal account here if anyone feels inclined to give and bless this amazing girl and support her work. So far, she's been given enough money to rent a lens which she will use for our wedding, and I can only assume that she will be borrowing a camera. She has faith that our pictures will turn out amazing and that she will be prepared for the day and her work to come, and I can only hope and trust as well.

Obviously. there are worse fates than stolen equipment, but my prayers are definitely going out to Sarah right now, and any prayers and thoughts you can give would be appreciated as well.


Epic E-pics, Part 3: downtown and the park.

The last two locations for our engagement shoot were the places that Sarah was originally planning on taking us. The plane was my idea, and the trucks came from there. These next photos were taken near downtown San Diego - around Little Italy and a park area near Hillcrest. I love the change in lighting effects since they were taken closer to sunset.

Again, all photos are by Sarah Shreves.

That last picture was the very last image Sarah shot, and it was totally worth laying down on a grassy hill that probably had rattlesnakes and making it look flat and comfy.

Oh, and special thanks go to Sarah as well for letting me wear her boots for these shots. We posed against a hot pink wall at one point (not pictured) and my red heels just wouldn't have matched. She wore her tennis shoes around town with an outfit clearly made for those boots so that I could wear them for photos.

So, that's it. Our epic engagement session. Which set is your favorite?

Epic E-pics, Part 2: the junkyard.

This next set from our engagement shoot shows that you can literally take an amazing photo anywhere. In fact, the less conventional or beautiful the location, the better. The airport is surrounded by junk yards which we were not granted access into. Apparently junkyards that sell car parts have really strict no-photo policies. Anyway, Sarah scouted the area and found something even better right across the street - a random field/yard filled with lines of abandoned semi-trailers.

We started out on the giant pile of tires,

and then moved into the trucks.

all images by Sarah Shreves

and, believe it or not, there's still more to come!


Epic E-pics, Part 1: the plane.

The pictures with my dad's plane were the very first set we took during our engagement session, and provided some of my very favorite shots from the day. I tried to save them for last since they're some of the best, but I just can't wait to show you.

So here they are, the best reason ever for a gal to have a flyin' father:

Photos by Sarah Shreves.

Didn't Sarah do an amazing job? Since these were the first photos we took, I was worried that David wouldn't have warmed up to the camera yet (he tends to look really uncomfortable in most pictures), and my hair was flying around everywhere, but Sarah mostly stood back and let us have some fun in and around the plane. (Well, she also gave great guidance made us much less awkward.)

What do you think? I think the first and third pictures are super frame-worthy, and that second to last picture makes us look way more bad a** than we actually are. The last one could be my favorite picture ever.

I can't stop thinking about and looking at these! Stay tuned for more exciting photos taken in unexpected places.


The best weekend surprise.

Hey guys, I'm posting on the weekend right in the middle of a full fun day with church. In fact, I'm cooking dinner for our small group as I type (okay, it's in the crock pot on auto-pilot at this point, but I'm still cooking it, right?). So, why the random Sunday post? Because last night, I got the best e-mail ever. What was in it?

Photo by Sarah Shreves

A link to our engagement pictures! I know showing just one is such a tease, but I'm not ready for a full-blown post, and I just couldn't wait to show off at least one. I promise, I'll post more of them tomorrow.

Have a blessed Sunday!