Oh, Christmas tree...

Merry Christmas to you all!


Pray for Jeremy.

Hey, so let's ignore the fact that I haven't posted in forever, shall we? Thanks. Technically, my excuse is that I created a Word Press site to unveil my new event planning name and then I got stuck on the customizing and aesthetics, so it's all on hold. But, we're ignoring the large gap in time, right? Is anyone still here?

I'm writing today to ask all you praying folk to join me today in prayer for a dear friend. He's the worship leader at my church and has big plans to move to Nashville in a few months to pursue his music career. Well, on Sunday, he was admitted to the hospital after some major swelling in his face and neck led to the discovery of a very large mass in his chest.

You can visit a site with updates and such about Jeremy here.
Originally the doctors thought it was lymphoma, but the official biopsy diagnosis has revealed that it is actually a rare form of cancerous tumor, but that the hopes of recovery are very high.

As his father has said, "We received a diagnosis and it changed from the preliminary diagnosis! Jeremy has Mediastional Germ Cell Tumor Seminomatous, evidently a dormant tumor that has developed a life of it's own and is really big and malignant. The aggressive chemo starts tonight. The treatment cycle should end in about 4 months. The outlook for healing is very good with some dark, dangerous days and weeks ahead. We covet your prayers throughout this whole process. More details will be posted tomorrow."

A group of friends and members of my church are getting together at 1:30 (pacific) at the hospital to pray over Jeremy as he begins chemo. Please join me if you will. I believe in a God who is Mighty Healer and who has great plans for my friend. Thanks.


Ruche look.


Sleeved dress
$53 - shopruche.com

$48 - anthropologie.com

Bow heels
$39 - shopruche.com

Silver flower jewelry
$15 - shopruche.com

photo op camera case
$30 - shopruche.com

I apologize for posting this with no explanation - I meant to just publish the board to Polyvore for later use, but I guess it decided to publish it to my blog automatically. Anyway, this is a fun look I decided to create from items I've been loving over at Ruche (except the tights - they're from Anthropologie.) I'm so looking forward to cooler weather so I can wear fun ensembles with tights to work. We're getting close - I'm wearing boots today!


Friday fun.

Just a few links I've been wasting time with enjoying:

Hipster dress-up: I loved paper dolls as a kid, so what's not to love about creating your own hipster boys and dressing them in the hippest fashion? haha. I love how I've been able to create exact replicas of basically every one of my guy friends.

I'm working on plans for a retro formal cocktail party for my (and a friend's) birthday - I found an awesome playlist and bar signs from Formal Fringe.

My Buffy/Angel binge is about 95% complete now (I've finished Buffy and am in the last season and Angel) - here's a super helpful episode guide if you want to binge as well and like things in order.

I guess that's it for now - what fun links have you been enjoying lately?


Finally, after 50+ years...

Barbie and Ken have finally tied the knot. They've broken up, they've gotten back together, and now they're Mr. and Mrs. Want proof? Just look and see...

photos source.

Photographer Beatrice de Guigne was lucky enough to shoot the classic couple's wedding. You can see more of it and read the details on her blog. She also shot some boudoir sessions with the lovely bride.

Haha, awesome, right? Actually, I was definitely more in the cool rather than crazy camp before I saw her more "artistic" boudoir shoot. Either way, they're some great photos that must have been a ton of work to pull off. What do you think of Barbie and Ken's wedding?


Engagement Shoot WIN!

Oh. my. If you read weddingbee, you've probably already seen this e-shoot (heck, it's probably all over the internet already), but I could not help but share.

Looks like a pretty typical cute vintage picnic engagement shoot with an adorable couple and a great photographer, right? Wait, what's that creeping in the background?

See the whole series of shots here.

images via weddingjojo and Mrs. D'orsay.

A couple that can kill a Zombie together and still look that cute is sure to have a long, happy, and awesome-filled marriage. I love it.


Monday eye candy.

Sarah Shreves posted sneak photos from Regina and Bryan's wedding. Remember their dreamy engagement shoot? It sure looks like the wedding didn't disappoint.


I just love how the bride, groom, and photographer all came from my tiny class in high school. Man, my class had some beauty and talent, don't you think?

Happy Monday to you all! I'm working on a major life revitalization - eating better, working out more, crafting, and overall a more effective use of my time. Convenient that I'm soo close to finishing my Buffy binge.

edit: do the photos look insanely huge to you? I re-size them, but for some reason they still show up full size for the first few hours on my blog. ???


I'ma bake you a cake.

Ever since an educational event with Bliss Events at Sweet Cheeks Baking Co., I've wanted desperately to try my hand at baking a cake from scratch. I even went as far as inventing party ideas just so I could bake a cake for it. Turns out, I didn't need to invent a party - my side job was celebrating their one year anniversary since opening last June with a potluck!

Banana cake with peanut butter and nutella filling - It's not the prettiest thing I've ever seen, but it was fun - and delicious! The cake recipe is from here. I don't necessarily recommend the book because it was written in Britain and the recipes require fancy (read: more expensive and harder to find in America) ingredients like self-rising flour and caster sugar, but the cover is super cute and the cake was delicious. I made this peanut butter filling for one layer and used Nutella for the second layer of filling. (You might have noticed baking chocolate in the original ingredients photo - I was going to make my own chocolate filling but got lazy. Nutella is delicious, anyway.) Then I made a buttercream frosting, but I don't remember where I got that recipe. Um, as you can see from the photos, buttercream melts in the sun. But, I didn't care - it was tasty.

My only major cake baking advice that you may not already know is this:
1) Bake the cake (and the fillings and icing if you like) a day early and stick em' (unassembled) in the fridge. Assemble after it's all cooled and settled.
2) pipe your outside icing around the edges of the layers - it keeps the filling from seeping out. (As you can see in a photo above.)

After days of kitchen fun, I headed out to the beach (thank goodness I got someone else to drive me so I could carry the cake - I'm a crazy person for baking a three-layer cake, putting it on an antique stand, and expecting to be able to drive myself across town with it.) After we all got our fill of the deliciousness, I promptly won a sandcastle contest (and re-used the cake's decor!) Hooray for crazy adventures.

all photos personal photos.


Lovely Lake Tahoe.

I got to spend the weekend here.

and now I'm spending some quality time with my old college roommates and the newest addition - Leslie's beautiful baby girl.


Another Summer Work Day

Another Summer Work Day

Ribbed tank top
$20 - witchery.com.au

V neck tee
$17 - alloy.com

Miss Selfridge high waisted skirt
£22 - missselfridge.com

This is today's outfit. I'd probably be happy wearing a pencil skirt every day for the rest of my life. Okay, that's not true - I love jeans. But I'm loving the more casual get-ups with pencil skirts these days.

I'll be heading up to Lake Tahoe for a family reunion this weekend and I'm in charge of photos and video, so I'm sure I'll have some to share. Until then, I'm hoping to get some past adventures us that I still haven't posted about.

Have a happy Tuesday!


Ruche Look Book.

I love pretty pictures. and pretty clothes. and shoes. Oh, and I love sunsets in California, vintage luggage, and vintage beach cruiser bikes. All of these things make appearances in Ruche's Summer Look Book. Plus, the models are adorable.

You can view it here. Gosh, I've been all about clothes lately. I guess it's from the wardrobe re-invention that a change of season brings.



This is almost exactly what I'm wearing at work today. Pretty much everyone is out on vacation, and summer has tended to make things quite a bit more lax, so I opted for sandals and a tank top.


Ruffle top
$45 - modcloth.com

BKE v neck tank
$12 - buckle.com

Steve Madden beaded thong sandals
$25 - lorisshoes.com

I'm doing my best to enjoy my summer days - which leads to busy late-night outings, and hours watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer (ahhh, I totally get all the girls I've known who have been madly in love with Spike now!) But please bear with me - I haven't abandoned this blog, I'm just figuring out what I want out of blogging. I love any and all of you who are still reading - please don't stop.


Maxi dress mayhem.

So, I've really been craving some retail therapy lately. I've been working my weekends away with day-of wedding coordination, church/work events, etc. that I feel like I've earned a pretty bit to spend.. and apparently that leads to the burning a hole in the pocket scenario. So anyway, I peeked into Anthropologie for just a moment last night and I bought this dress:


I bought it in a size that was way too small and justified the $70 price tag because it was originally a ridiculous $268. I got it home, forced myself to admit that the biggest size they had left at all the stores in the area (yeah, I had them check) was still too small, and miraculously found a bigger size available online. I rushed a purchase and raced back to the store to return the first one just as they were closing. This morning, mere hours later, the dress is completely out of stock and unavailable online.

Funny story: I did a Google search for this dress this morning because it's no longer available on anthropologie.com and found a picture of a girl from my class in high school wearing it. (She works at an Anthropologie store and apparently they had a fashion show that someone blogged about.)

I couldn't just be happy with my fortune - oh no. Now that I was officially shopping online for a dress, I also bought this:

From Ruche.

It was $20+ less than the Anthro dress and looks promising. Oh, and there's only one left as of this morning on Ruche. Apparently last night was the time to buy.

So now I'm waiting for both dresses to come in so I can try them on and decide on one and send the other back. Let the waiting game begin. I just want my maxi dress, dangit!


Summer Wants

I'd love to throw on this lovely Maxi dress and stroll around Balboa Park or the beach today. I've been wanting a long sundress, nude pumps, a new white bag, and some oversized aviators for quite some time now. Today, I just realized how nicely they'd all work together.