Behold: Anthropolgie does weddings.

There's been talk for quite some time about Anthropologie starting up a wedding line - an idea that makes perfect sense and sounds so appealing I could hardly wait for the outcome. Well, their wedding line, BHLDN, was finally unveiled (if you will) on Valentine's day (appropriately). Here's just a taste of the beautifully vintage and girly dresses they have to offer.

source for all photos.

Lovely, yeah? It was really hard to narrow them down to choose some favorites to show on here. My thoughts at first glance were definitely much more positive than other wedding dress lines I've anticipated in the past - Kirstie Kelly's Disney line to name one. David overheard me oohing and ahhing the dresses the other night and thought something was seriously wrong. And, on second look - the prices aren't really that bad either. Sure, the bridesmaids dresses run a bit higher than the already way overpriced dresses that the Anthropologie stores offer, but compare the wedding gowns to many of the designer wedding gowns out there, and these aren't bad at all. Anyway, it's a good thing I'm already married because I don't think I would have been able to stand not having the chance to try some of these dresses on, and so far they can only be accessed by ordering them online.

What do you think of the BHLDN gowns? Worth the Anthropologie name and all the hype? I plan on sharing some of the lovely accessories they have to offer tomorrow.


Love day.

Happy Valentine's! I hope you've felt the love from everyone around you today.

I was given a welcome gathering this morning at work. In addition to these beautiful flowers, they provided cake - raspberry almond cake. How my new workplace was able to read my mind and give me a cake with my two favorite flavors is beyond me, but it sure was tasty.


Daily Wear: Sunday funday.

I've decided to join the ranks of bloggers who post their daily outfits. Good idea or no? I figure I have more to post now that I have a job where I get to dress up in cute office attire instead a uniform. I don't know how often I'll post an outfit - I guess it depends on if I can figure out a regular system of setting up a tripod or how many mornings my husband is still at home once I'm dressed and ready to go (he normally leaves much earlier than I do on the days I work in the office.)

I'm starting this series on a Sunday because Sunday has always been my favorite day to play around with new clothes. Our church doesn't really enforce any kind of formal dress code, but I still love to dress up a bit. It's a great time to experiment with fun outfits.

Top: Anthropolgie - $25 (sale), Tank: random cheap store, Necklace: gift, Belt: Nordstrom - $12, Skinny Jeans: American Eagle - $20 (sale), Boots: Target - $25*

This outfit basically put itself together the other day when I was shopping with my mom - I was already wearing the jeans, boots, and tank top with a different shirt over it when I walked into Anthro. I wouldn't have given the shirt a second glance because I normally don't do well with prints and it was a way smaller size than I would have thought I could wear (it was the only one left from an older season and way on sale.) My mom encouraged me to try it on, and it worked so well with the rest of my outfit. I had literally just bought the belt and wondered what exactly I would wear it with - so, I grabbed it out of the bag, and as soon as I put it all on together I was in love.

Thanks to David for taking these pictures. We snapped them on our way into church in the harsh early morning sunlight, but they work alright. But boy oh boy do I need to re cut and dye my hair... my bangs just blow around in my face now which is why I have my hands in my hair in these photos.

* I know there are mixed feelings out there about posting the prices of each item, but I think it's a great way to show that you don't have to spend a ton of money to look and feel great in your clothes.


Little succulent garden.

Part of our lease agreement is that our landlady takes care of the outside of our house. She loves gardening, so when she waters and mows the lawn, sometimes new little surprises arrive. We've had new potted plants arrive on our patio and stay for a few days as a holding spot until she's ready to plant them in her yard. The new arrivals always make me smile. Recently, we've gotten some new arrivals that seem like they're ours to stay - a little bunch of baby succulent plants that have been planted right in front of our house.

I love them - especially the tiny one in the center photo (it arrived first all by itself and when I noticed it, it made me so happy.) It's nice to notice and appreciate the simple beauties in life. And I love that we have a landlady who cares enough to leave us nice little surprises.

I'd been meaning to photograph and post about these precious plants for awhile now, but I've never been home and ready in good light. Today is a beautiful day, so I jumped outside with my camera all ready to capture them - it was not until that moment that I realized that the succulents are always covered by the shadow of our house. Thank goodness for Photoshop actions.


So Much Love: Guest Bags.

Since about half of our guests spent the entire weekend out in Julian with us for our wedding, I wanted to be sure to include some sort of out of town bag in their rooms. Unfortunately, this was a project that got left on the wayside, and was barely finished. My lofty ideas turned into something very simple.

Each bag contained a few water bottles and a granola bar (I originally intended to encourage guests to go hiking on Saturday before the wedding officially began - before I knew how cold it would be), Werther's originals - the most "rustic" candy I could find, a flyer/postcard from the lodge, a Julian information pamphlet, and some printouts with maps and information. I originally planned on making pretty wedding-themed cards with a timeline and other information, but it never happened. Amazingly, people seemed to get on just fine without it.

If you look really closely at the top left corner of the bag you can see my pitiful attempt to make it themed. I used the gocco screen and frozen/dry ink left on it from the invitations to print our globe monogram onto the bags. It only really showed up on a few of them, and I doubt anyone even noticed. That's what lack of supplies and time plus laziness will get ya.

Nobody really left the lodge for anything except breakfast on Saturday, so these were really not all that necessary, but I am glad that Sarah noticed my efforts and documented them.


Newness all around.

As you have probably noticed, things look quite a bit different. I figured that a new look might get me out of this funk and excited about posting again. The funny thing is, I come up with ideas for posts and even take photos and such for them quite often, but once I'm on the computer I lose my steam.

Anyway, the new look. It's a work in progress - is it a good move so far? I like that the posting area is bigger, so I'm able to post bigger pictures. I'm thinking I need a new name since I'm not really planning or discussing my wedding so much anymore. Is it worth changing blogs completely? If not, should I put a new name in the header anyway? Any suggestions?

The photo above is of a gift and card for my sister-in-law's birthday last week. I made the card with my Silhouette, which I plan on talking more about soon.


Vintage Pyrex = love.

I had a lovely day.

I also got lovely mixing bowls.


ooh, new.

So, I got a new job. Hooray for accomplishing something on my year's goals already. Also, I'm re-discovering the gym - to attempt to accomplish more of said goals. However, that means I'm spending my time figuring out how to juggle those new things and basically re-inventing my life/schedule. I have all these awesome posts planned... I promise I'll be back to share soon.