Daily Wear: Springtime Office.

It was warm and sunny yesterday - the perfect excuse to embrace springtime with my wardrobe. It was the first time since getting my new job where I can actually dress up for work that I haven't needed to dress for warmth.

The pants are super comfy, and they were on sale at the Banana Republic outlet. The pink top was my gift to myself around Christmastime with a Nordstrom Rack Groupon (I was able to buy both of my sisters' Christmas gifts and a pair of earrings with it all for the $20 or $25 Groupon.) I've had the white tank top forever - I honestly have no clue where it's from. It went a long time in my closet totally forgotten until I re-discovered it recently. I love its girly ruffly shape and eyelet design. (edit: I just checked the tag - it's from Aeropostale - a shop I wouldn't even think to shop in now. Funny.) The staple which the whole outfit was built upon, though, are my shoes.

I was never one for wedges - until I found these cuties at the J Crew outlet in Napa just after graduating from college. I love the colors, and they give me some significant height while still being comfortable all day.

Necklace: American Eagle - gift. Rose top: Nordstrom Rack with Groupon. White eyelet top: Aeropostale ages ago. White tank. Navy pants: Banana Republic Factory Store. Plaid wedges: J Crew outlet. I don't remember the prices on anything, but it was all on sale significantly.


Flower education.

Sorry guys for being MIA and whiny lately - I guess I'm just in a rut. I really do enjoy blogging and have things I'd like to share. I can't promise how regularly I'll post, but as long as there are still people out there (anywhere) who enjoy what I have to say, I'll try to find the time to say it. Thanks for the comments/suggestions/suport.

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to attend an assistant education event with Bliss Events - where I get to assist with weddings every now and then. For the event, we headed to Paula from Rae Florae's shop for some tips for assembling and fixing bouquets and making boutonnières with limited supplies on the wedding day.

Some helpful hints I walked away with were that when assembling a bouquet, the stems should all rotate or spin the same direction in the handle so that nothing crushes anything else, a bridesmaid bouquet can be pretty easily dis-assembled and made into two if an emergency calls for it, and when pinning a boutonnière, folding the edges of the jacket lapel in makes it a lot easier than trying to bend the pin around the stems.

What I found most interesting, however, is how many different aesthetics you can create from the same bunch of flowers. At the end of the event, after sipping champagne and snacking while watching Paula at work, we were each given a vase and given the freedom to use any of the flowers to assemble our own bouquets. In the photos above, mine is the last one - see how different it is from the rest? Each bouquet - made by we mere amateurs - had it's own unique style. And they were all beautiful.

All photos were taken by Shannon from Studio Carre who joined us for the event and took some great group photos for the Bliss website. I honestly think one of my favorite parts of the night was when we each got to put on one of Paula's cute Anthropologie aprons and pose with our creations.

I feel so blessed to be a part of the Bliss team and can't wait until the next assistant event - where we get to learn about (and eat) wedding cake!

Also, check out this feature on the event on The Bride Suite by Exquisite Weddings!


In hiding, kinda.

So, I've disappeared again. And right after I posted with a promise of more to come the very next day. Bad Laura. I could blame my new 24 hour fitness membership, or the fact that said new membership enhanced the sickness that I've recently gotten over. But really, I'm just trying to figure out my purpose in this here world wide web. Blogging was so much easier when I had a clear topic with a specific to-do list and tons of fun projects and details. Now, with no wedding to plan and everyday life bringing more and more to do outside of this blog, I'm not sure what to do. I really really want to start my etsy site, but I'm afraid of the time it's going to take up - time that I'm apparently unable to spare for a measly blog post here and there already. Any advice or guidance? Encouragement or specific things that you like about my blogging or would like to see more of? (no, I'm not just looking for compliments... though they're always nice...) Help?