When I went to the Flower Education Event with Bliss, I got some headshots taken. We had Shannon from Studio Carre with us so that we could get good group shots for the website, and Shannon decided to throw in some individual shots of each lady.

I've already ruled out a few where I look ridiculous, but these two turned out pretty well.

Yes, I realize they are almost identical - I just can't decide which I like best. What do you think? Which of these photos looks best to you?


Daily Wear: Black and Blue at work.

After a great workout yesterday morning, I felt like dressing up a bit for work. This dress is not necessarily something I would normally buy - I tend to shy away from busy prints, but it was way on sale at the Banana Republic factory outlet, and it's become a nice item to have in my closet.

Please excuse the cut off head in the first shot. It was the best photo of the clothes, but the absolute worst of my face.

It was nice to bare my (extremely pale) legs and hope that the walk to and from my car provided them with a bit of much needed sunlight. David and I had a date night out for Italian food this evening, so I got to stretch this outfit further. Amazingly, I wore these shoes all day with absolutely no pain or troubles - granted most of the day I was sitting at my desk.

And yes, as you can see, we currently have the awesome street-find couch outside. It absolutely will not fit in our house and we've exhausted our storage options. I'm thinking it's probably time to consider re-craigslisting it. Maybe I can make a profit. Don't worry - it's under an overhang for the night.

Dress: Banana Republic Factory Outlet, $19?, Jacket: Banana Republic (with suit pants), Belt: Modcloth, $15, Necklace: Antique store, $5, Shoes: Nordstrom, $45?


House tour: the bathroom.

Happy Good Friday to you all - I'm super excited about the Easter events my church has going on this weekend.

I've been working on perfecting our living room so that you can see the main area of our house, but for now I have the smallest spot in the whole tiny house to show you - the bathroom.

Seriously guys, it's tiny. I had a hard time finding a place to stand where I was far enough away to show anything in the photos. That first photo is from the bedroom looking through the door. In the second, I stood on the back edge of the bathtub for the shot, and in the third I was backed way into the corner by the door. At least it's easier to carry a theme through a room this small - plus it was super convenient that the trash can and wall color that were already there matched the colors in our shower curtain and towels.

You may have noticed I moved the little q-tip and cotton ball jars between taking the second and fourth photos - that's because I can't decide where they look best. Also, I would love to have some kind of pretty vignette going on with that shelf above the toilet, but I don't want to add clutter. I've been thinking about looking around for some kind of vintage toothbrush holder or soap dish or something. The art is a piece of cardboard that I painted with the paint on our bedroom walls and drew on with sharpie - should I frame it or leave it be? Also, I think the cabinet is too high - shouldn't it be the same height as they mirror? This has bugged me ever since our landlord put it in (but I've loved having the extra storage otherwise.)

I'm pretty sure my someday dream bathroom will look much different than this one, but it makes me happy for the time being.



Good to know that all I have to do is find free junk (awesome funiture) off the street to get you guys to comment on my blog - haha. Anyway, I know these people!

Sarah Shreves did an engagement shoot with a couple who were both also in our tiny class in high school. The photos look straight out of an anthropologie catalog/dreamland. Enjoy!

Sarah is calling this her best shoot yet, but I'm still partial to our engagement photos - I guess I'm biased. Either way, I hope these photos provide some lovely Thursday eye candy / inspiration to you.


Street-side finds.

I was browsing craigslist yesterday afternoon when I saw a post that said "beautiful antique couch - FREE! I just put it out in the alley - come quick!" And that had been posted three hours before I read it. I decided it was worth checking anyway (even though it was probably gone and we don't have a vehicle that could even begin to carry a couch), so I got David to begrudgingly accompany me on an adventure.

We reached the alley in question and saw a furniture item ahead. Upon closer inspection, it was not the couch at all - but an awesome leather overstuffed chair - something I've been wanting for a while. We shoved it into our car (because this chair, unlike a whole freakin' couch, was small enough for the back seat) and went on our way. As we were about to pull back onto the street, we saw it - the couch was in the alley on the other side of the street. We pulled up, sat on the couch to claim our prize, and called David's dad with an Expedition to come pick it up for us.

And that, my friends, is the story of how we came home with not one, but two new old but awesome pieces of furniture.

photos by me.

The couch should probably be reupholstered and the casters on the chair are rusty if we're talking serious, but they were free. David wants to take the casters off anyway, and maybe I'll invest in some good upholstering someday. So far, we have no idea where to put these lovelies, but I'm working on that.



I've been making a lot of these pearl (bead) necklaces like I made for my bridesmaids lately and have been seriously thinking about selling them on etsy. I've been wearing one around a lot lately to test it out, and I love it. What do you think - would you buy one of these?

photos by me.


White Kitchens.

I love color in a kitchen. I've always thought the best kitchen was one with sunny, yellow walls. I've also fallen in love with the poppy and aqua trend in kitchens these days. I mean, just look at my kitchen - I think there's more color than space. But today, I'm lusting after these open, airy, spacious, white kitchens.

found on Pinterest.

They're elegantly styled yet also conjure dreams of baking with daughters or hosting dinner with friends. I can't wait until I have a kitchen big and bright enough that I truly want to spend time there.



Photo by Sarah Shreves.

A. Age: 24.

B. Bed size: Queen. I used to have a full size to myself, so this one's starting to feel a bit small.

C. Chore you hate: I kind of enjoy dishes when I'm in the right mood, but i absolutely cannot even begin to think about doing them when there's more dishes to be done than space to do them in. I get overwhelmed.

D. Dogs: I love them. David and I are getting a Dachshund as soon as we can prove to ourselves that we'll be home enough to love on him. Our current favorite pastime together is to call out to all the dogs we see.

E. Essential start to your day: Brushing my teeth. Then e-mail.

F. Favorite color: Teal. I'm also loving yellow right now.

G. Gold or silver: Gold. It was silver my whole life until recently and now I'm obsessed with everything gold - see my wedding for example.

H. Height: 5’3"ish (that's probably over-guessing it)

I. Instruments: Haha - funny story. I would love to play an instrument, but seem utterly incapable of doing so. You should have seen the fits I threw in fifth grade when I struggled with the Recorder.

J. Job title: Administrative Assistant / Team Member / Assistant Coordinator. (Yes, I have three jobs.)

K. Kids: I've seriously been surrounded by babies and pregnant ladies lately - making me think a lot about kids. We're definitely not ready, but I can dream.

L. Live: San Diego. Anyone want to help me appreciate my beautiful city more? I'm thinking about working through a list of places to go and see on a regular basis.

M. Mom’s name: Dee Anna (separated like that - it's her first and middle name - her sister's name is Chris Tina. True story.)

N. Nicknames: When I was younger, I used to bemoan the fact that I'd never had a nickname. Somehow, I ended up being called "Ladybug Laura", "LauraLoo", "Loo Loo", "Laurora", "Aurie", etc. from there. Now, I don't really have any, unless you count the people in the kitchen at work who call me "Laurita".

O. Overnight hospital stays: Probably my birth? I don't think I've had any real hospital stays at all since.

P. Pet peeve: When people spell friends' names wrong on their facebook where it's written there a billion times for them. Oh, and so many more.

Q. Quote from a movie: I'm not a big movie quoter. I may come back to this if/when I think of something.

R. Right or left handed: Right. I secretly wish I was left handed.

S. Siblings: Sisters. They're twins.

T. Time you wake up: 8 almost every day.

U. Underwear: boy shorts mostly.

V. Vegetables you dislike: mushrooms, olives.

W. What makes you run late: Any time I turn on my computer in the morning, I get distracted.

X. X-Rays you’ve had: Teeth?

Y. Yummy food you make: I've made some tasty Pioneer Woman recipes. I guess chicken dinner (maybe a post soon?) is my best go-to comfort food.

Z. Zoo- favorite animal: Vern the Zebra.


Stumblin' around.

Have you discovered StumbleUpon yet? I'm pretty sure this is my new favorite obsession. You start by checking off things you like in a long string of interests and then it starts showing you websites calculated to fit your interests. And, much like Pandora does with music, it caters even more and more to your tastes as you "like" or "dislike" things along the way. Look at some of the amazing things I've found in just my first few "stumbles."

Map Heart Vignette from Pinterest (which I've now requested an invite for), and Roasted Tomato Mac and Cheese found here from here.

I've also "stumbled upon" a site that recommends books based on titles you've already enjoyed, and another that provides recipes that you can make from what's already in your fridge!

In addition to these new sites that I'm sure I'll be visiting often, StumbleUpon has brought me to some of my favorite music videos, great DIY projects from other blogs, and some amazingly beautiful photographs full of inspiration. I love it.


Small house win.

I found the bedroom on apartment therapy and just fell in love.

In fact, I love the whole house - found here. It's a 350 square foot cottage so very similar in size and layout to ours that I am pulling some major inspiration. I hope to someday (soon, maybe?) have the house designed (and clean!) enough to post a whole house feature kind of like this one.

Thanks, Beth and apartment therapy, for giving me a new-found love of my house.


A rose by any other name

I'm jumping on the name post wagon. Feel free to jump in and answer these yourself, too.

a close-up of my Bliss flowers. Photo by me.

How did your parents decide on your name?
My mom wanted to name me Aubrey, Audrey, or Audra, but my dad didn't like any of those. They somehow settled on Laura - it's actually a compromise, I guess, because the way they pronounce my name still has the same "au" sound.

Do your initials (first/middle/last) spell anything funny?
My initials are the same with my married name as my single name - LCS. When I was in jr. high, we had dry erase boards instead of chalk boards, and the eraser/marker company we used was "LCS." They were the crappiest dry erase markers and erasers I'd ever seen.

Did you take your middle name from childhood or did you drop your middle name and take your maiden name as your middle name?
My middle name stayed the same, so I dropped my old last name all together. Mostly it was because my middle name sounds much prettier than having a last name as a middle name.

Are you or will you name your children systematically? (ie, same first letter, same orgin, etc)
When I was a kid, I wrote the beginnings of a story where a family had, like, 12 kids whose names went alphabetically - for example, the eldest was Amanda, then Brian, Cameron, Deborah, etc etc. But no, I've known too many families with obnoxiously same-y names to follow any real theme. The meanings and origins of names really interest me, though, so we may end up with some common ground on those levels.

Did you decide on baby names as a little girl? Did you stick to them or change your mind?
Yes, I have wanted to name a daughter the same thing since the fifth grade when a friend of mine and I thought we made the name up while playing.

Does your family have any names that have been passed down through generations?
My middle name is my aunt's name, and my sisters' middle names are those of our grandmothers who had both passed away by the time they were born.

Do you look at the meaning of the name or just the name itself?
I definitely consider the meaning - in fact, there are some names that I would never consider because I think the meaning is bizarre. Example, I kinda like the name Addison on a girl, but I can't get past the fact that you'd be naming your daughter "son of Adam." I think the sound of the name itself trumps the meaning in most cases, though.

Do you name pets with human names or pet names?
We plan on getting a dachshund and naming him Winston. We call every small dog we see "Bobo" and bigger dogs "Clarence" or sometimes "Floyd."

Are there any names that you have an affinity or dislike for based on a childhood experience/someone you once knew?
I'm sure there are. I think it's strange when anyone names a kid the same name as someone they know well unless they're specifically honoring that person. But yeah, I'm sure we'll have that "No, we can't use that name - that's someone I hated in high school..." conversation many times.

What are some of your favorite names & why?
An old friend of mine just named her daughter the name I've been holding on to since fifth grade, so I don't really want to go around sharing it so much anymore. But here are some other pretty names.
Girl: Damaris, Adelle, Aislynn, I'm sure there are more, but nothing comes to mind.
Boy: Sterling, Greyson, Aidan, (David has added that he likes Ethan and Samuel - both I could live with)


Behold: Anthro Weddings, Part 2 - Accessories

Sure, the dresses are lovely, but I think some of my favorite items from BHLDN are among their accessories.

Just feast your eyes on some of the pretty little things BHLDN has to offer:

Hats! Shrugs! Jewelry! And Shoes, oh the shoes! Since many (or all) of these could be worn outside of a wedding, I lust after them all the more. Besides, it's much easier to buy a pair of earrings online than a dress. Oh, BHLDN accessories, you've stolen my heart.