another random re-appearance.

I fear that the smart phone has ruined blogging for me. Sending a quick snippet on Instagram is just so much easier. Anyway, this is what I'm wearing today. I'm working on losing a bunch of post-wedding weight that decided to stick around for 2+ years, and I've re-discovered my wardrobe in the process.

This is my go at mixing patterns. What do you think - does it work? I'm obsessed with this skirt and belt - both from Anthropologie (on sale, of course). The top is actually one of those uber-tight body-hugging dresses from H&M, and the scarf was a gift from a friend. It's actually one of the most "me" clothing items I've ever been gifted and it came from one of the most unlikely sources. Love that.

I want to attempt to document more of my outfits - mostly to encourage myself to wear more "internet-worthy" ensembles. Is there anyone still out there who would even be remotely interested in seeing what I wear?